Which Kotaku Readers Are The Most Terrified?

You've been jumping at shadows thanks to Metro 2033. But which of you has managed to pull on the best fear face to win the Logitech "Pwnage" Pack?

The overall winner walks away with over $1600 worth of Logitech gear: G35 7.1 Dolby Surround Headset, Z5500D 5.1 Surround Speakers, G19 Keyboard and G9x Laser Mouse.

Three runners-up each score themselves over $700 worth of Logitech gear: G330 Headset, X-540 5.1 Surround Speakers, G15 Gaming Keyboard and G500 Gaming Mouse.

All you had to do was send us a pic of you looking horrified, as if you'd just been through the terrifying underground tunnels of Metro 2033's Russian subway system.

Our three runners-up are:

And our winner is:

Congratulations to Aaron, Stephen, Finlay and of course Jordan. I'll be in touch shortly. And thanks to THQ and Logitech for organising such awesome prize packs.


    gratz guys, the winner is epic

    Ahhhh Jordan. Don't you know anybody other than Brandon to take photos of?
    Seriously though, good job on this one buddy.

    Truly terrifying! Well done guys:)

    AWESOME. I broke my headphones weeks ago now, this will be put to good use.

    Thanks so much! :D

    Hey, is this the Jordan that won the Killzone 2 PS3 combo a while back? Not that it matters. just curious. -I was really hoping the kinda 'camp' looking entry would win. Hehe...*cue girly scream of terrorz*

      I think your right, a Jordan D did indeed win a ps3 in the killzone competition. Maybe there's multiple Jordan D's? Its certainly possible! I guess there's nothing to say he cant win 2 consoles really. He certainly has some skills to warrant the prizes though, so good luck to him :)

        Correction, I meant, ps3 console and logitech super pack, not 2 consoles. Was confused, so many comps going on!! Anyways, he can hook it up to the ps3 and be blown away by the sound now! :D

          haha yes, i did win the ps3 pack in the killzone comp! it was a fun clip to make! thanks kotaku!

            Nice one! Congrats Big Rig.

    Absolutely awesome guys.
    Much deserved wins there.

    Fantastic entries, well deserved. I'm really happy for you guys... tearz.

    That some high quality stuff there, great work.

    Hey congrats guys, some good shopping skills too! Not quite to cookies high quality uber skills... But prettty darn good!

    Seriously though, can I say big props to Logitech, these were some seriously cool prize packs, please put in some more competition goods for us to win Logi!!!!

    Awesome! Thanks a lot David! Honestly I'm a bit surprised mine made it among the finalists, the others are really good! You won't hear my complaining though! :D

    Gratz Jordan :D!!

    wow. i'm no chance in the splinter cell comp after seeing these.

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