White Stripes Guitarist's Recommendation: "Quit Video Games"

Jack White of The White Stripes has advice for aspiring musicians. He does not recommend music games.

In the past, White has stated he isn't too fond of music games. (He is fond of rocking out on his guitar!)

The White Stripes have lent music to Guitar Hero 5. His other groups, The Raconteurs and The Dead Weather, have had their music featured in the likes of Guitar Hero: World Tour and on the Rock Band store.

When asked in a recent interview by British music publication NME what three things every new musician needs, the frontman replied, "They need to quit playing video games, throw away their Auto-Tune program and cut three strings off their guitar."

Jack White is pretty badass.

Reminds me of David Bowie's advice to young musicians: "If it itches, go see a doctor." Words to live by!

News: Jack White: 'Quit playing video games' [CVG][Pic]


    Jack White is a talentless hack of a 'musician'. Maybe he might learn a few things if he played more.

      Hey man, I ehat the White Stripes as much as the next guy, but Jack White can whale on a guitar AND write some awesome lyrics.

      Wow, you must be an amazing 'musician' to form that opinion! I am humbled by merely replying to you; your superior talent, and wise words will surely inspire others!

      .. or maybe you shouldn't troll.

      Um... subjective opinion aside, it seems like good advice, learning an instrument takes time, distracting yourself with video games, not learning how to sing with autotune and going too complicated at first are all bad things for your playing.

      Actually he can play pretty well - very well infact - its just he doesnt do that with his own music. All of the White Stripes songs sound the same... its horrible. But when you see him preform with others he can shred that fucker like there's no tomorrow. He's what I'd call 'wasted talent'.

    White Stripes are also featured in the Rock Band store.

    I never got into the white stripes and I don’t think I ever will, the duo seem to value style over substance way too much. I remember seeing a video from a live show where this jack guy would play the piano incoherently for what seemed to be about 10 minutes, just basically bashing his fists against the keys over and over, totally of sync with anything else. It sounded horrible and looked pretentious. I get it that bands need some of style but when its actually affecting your sound you need to stop.

    Cut 3 strings off your guitar? Have fun being an idiot and fucking up your guitar.

      Blackwater do you play guitar? Cutting off three strings isn't actually bad advice; Particularly for young guitarist and song writers who have a tendency to become over technical

    Sorry Jack? I wasn't listening, I was too busy 100%-ing your "song" Blue Orchid on 3 instruments simultaneously

    Cut 3 strings off their guitars? What? So we can all be drum and bass players?

    Honestly the guy has done 1 semi-decent song in which he played like 3 different chords the entire song.

    People get 1 song released and all of a sudden they think the world should bow at their feet, I have no more respect for a musician then I do a chef.

    I'd be wary of a 'musician' giving you advice when he really struggles through some quite simple things on guitar. Seriously, "cut three strings of your guitar"??!? Evidence of a total guitar NOOB.

    @Todd: totally agree

    Yup i'm with Todd, the dude has no musical talent what so ever.

    On top of that, Guitar Hero and Rock Band have inspired a heap of people to pick up a guitar and give it a shot

    Jack White is hands down the greatest live act of our generation whatever band he is in! This guy has music in his veins and if you ever get the chance to see him live, GO. There's a reason why he is respected and played with the greats; Dylan, Page, Beck, etc... I guarantee everyone that's bashing him has never seen him perform. It's just way too obvious.

    And Guitar Hero SUCKS! as do the rest of those games. Buy an instrument and make your own music. Stop hatin and lets see what you can do!

      totally agree with Grey snake, he is possibly the most talented musician currently recording today. and as far as al of you idiots who obviously have no musical talent in your entire body guitar hero is not playing guitar it is a joke of a game if you consider it to be the forerunner for actually playing an instrument. if you actually knew the white stripes full repertoire you would know that they evolved from being a really blues and roots inspired band to the more recent rock sound they have had in recent releases. just because you have heard seven nation army and blue orchard does not give you the right to judge them because they are two songs. so when you truly understand and respect music enough to give merit where merit is needed then you can give comment on the white stripes

    Or they could give up the guitar all together?

    Ben Folds don't play no Guitar.
    Neither did Sanatra, Dizzy Guilespe, Glen Miller or the Fresh Prince, Robert Matheson, Angus MacRimmon, Gordon Walker, Mark Saul, Danny Boyle and Terry Tully are all amazing muso's and not one of them got where they are on 3 string Guitars either. Vanessa May's a great musician... and she doesn't play guitar either.

    I can't play guitar, but I'm pretty sure Stairway to Heaven uses more than 3 cords.

    I had a point...

    Stop being a wanker!

      I'm 200% certain he doesn't mean literally only play with 3 strings of your guitar but learn to use the basics before going off on ridiculous over-the-top shred-a-thons. if you don't have a firm grasp of chords and simplicity you'll have no dynamic and will always have boring sweeping solos and done-to-death break-downs.

      Jack White's got skill and and importantly a bit of flare. Get off video games? Eff yes he is right. I'm a muso and I find myself frequently in a predicament that goes like this - do I play x game tonight or do i work on a track? it doesnt apply just to video games, it applys to any addictive venture, like going out and getting smashed every friday night at your local "scene" club or crap like that.

      if you're a real muso you already don't use auto-tune to get by anyways - people who record you always slap that shit on you.

      it's solid advice regardless of your personal music tastes; only problem is hehe says it with the arrogance of an up himself wanker.

        No arrogance, Phil. It's just that most people don't like being told anything. That's where the arrogance lies. It's just like our parents told us: we'll never learn if we don't listen.

    I play guitar, and I play video games. I'm good at one, and wish I was better at the other. Guess which is which. Jack White's advice is sound.

    ...I think all he's trying to say is that he thinks that if someones going to make it in music they've got to dedicate themselves to it.

    You can't deny that video games can take up a lot of time.

    I have some advice for that twit too: "Piss OFF!!!"

    For those of you who aren't fans, Jack White taught himself guitar, piano and drums, and he didn't do it by playing Guitar Hero. Hell, Guitar Hero is a fun game, but Jack's advice has merit: if you want to learn to play, then play. Start with the basics, which is what he did. He doesn't want to be complicated, he likes his music raw, and that is the White Stripes sound. It's not everyone's musical taste admittedly, but lyrically and musically he is interesting and understated. Oh, and he CAN play. I have been teaching myself guitar and piano for years, and I will NEVER be as good as Jack White. The man has talent.

    Jack White is a genius when it comes to talent and guitar. Anyone who can half play recognize this. He was voted the 17th best guitarist of all time by Rolling Stone.

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