Who Should Be In Marvel Vs Capcom 3?

We know six characters in Marvel Vs Capcom 3 and suspect we know another 10 or so, but who would be on your dream list for the game? You know, besides Iron Fist.

Here's your chance, perhaps, to try and convince Capcom and Marvel that they have it wrong and that, really, only you know who should actually be in the game. And perhaps they'll listen. After all Marvel's Chris Baker seemed to tell us that the selection isn't yet set in stone and Capcom's Seth Killian hinted at the potential of future characters as downloadable content.

So let's get to cracking. Vote in our Marvel Vs Capcom 3 poll. I've included the option to add a write in, but make sure you check the list before you do so we don't have duplicate entries.


    I really want to see The Punisher. I don't think he was in any others and he got left out of Ultimate Alliance too.

      Nah, The Punisher is too powerful. I mean, he single handedly killed the Marvel Universe, refer: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Punisher_Kills_the_Marvel_Universe

      (I know, it's a What If..., but you know if Frank snapped (again), he'd own everyone :D)

    I voted Emma Frost. She could be a pretty good character, being a tank when using her diamond form or a projectile-directed character while in human form. I sure hope they don't left Ken out of this one though

    Chuck Norris should be in it

    Too many good characters, how can you pick only one?

    I'd pick:

    - Deadpool
    - Juggernaught
    - Daredevil
    - X-51
    - The Blob
    - Archangel

    I would love to see Bullseye represented, primarily because everyone can do with a little more crazy in their life.

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