Why Did The Avatar Game Fail?

Avatar is the biggest grossing movie of all time. It's video game version is not. It is, instead, a miserable failure. Why?

In a keynote at the 3D Gaming Summit in Los Angeles, Wired.com reports that Avatar producer Jon Landau said movie studio Fox did not understand the needs of game company Ubisoft regarding the marketing and making of the Avatar game. Case in point: Ubisoft was not allowed to release an early Avatar trailer.

The game ended up getting mixed reviews and, according to Ubisoft's CEO, was released too late.

On the upside, the film production team created a digital-asset-management system that helped get art and assets to Ubisoft — and in turn saved months of game development time.

Hollywood Doesn't Get Games, Avatar Producer Says [Wired.com]


    Meh, this is exactly why I haven't bought an Ubi game in years - they're basically saying the game failed due to various marketing problems, the quality of the game itself being irrelevant.

    Also, most people loved the movie more for the 'experience' than the plot, characters or universe - so its hardly surprising no-one particularly wanted to revisit it without the massive screen, cutting-edge effects and dynamic cinematography...

    Shit story, good visuals.

    The fact it sold at, what, $100+ when every other game was around $80 certainly didn't help.

    i'd say it had a lot to do with poor controls, poor gameplay, plot errors (so much stuff from the movie was changed in the game)...

    tldr: it failed cause it was shit

    I don't get why they bother with movie tie-in games anymore. Do any NOT suck? At this point, it would almost have to be the best game ever to even be given a shot just on the fact that a game is a tie-in.

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