Why Is Jake Gyllenhaal In Prince Of Persia?

There must be a reason why the Oscar-nominated actor decided to be in the video game film. Turns out, there are several.

Granted, they're not the most spectacular reasons, but they are reasons. "There are a lot of things," Gyllenhaal tells website Geek Sugar. "One was the character, 'cause for me, whenever I choose a movie it's the character. I thought - at least as it was written - [Prince Dasdan]was wry and funny and had a good time, but at the same time kicked some arse."

Another reason was that the movie is based on a video game. "I like to do things that people have tried their hand at and haven't succeeded," the actor continued, referring to Hollywood's failed attempts at game movies. "Maybe it's a riskier thing to do, but I like that."

What's more, Gyllenhaal knew that the movie would already have a built in audience that wanted to be appeased. "And we're bringing it to younger kids," he adds, "kids who have never played the video game before and never experienced it."

The Prince of Persia film is being produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, who turned a Disney land attraction in a successful film franchise. Perhaps he can do the same with a video game!

Exclusive: Jake Gyllenhaal Isn't a Gamer, but Is Cool With 3D [Geek Sugar]


    Still no idea why the prince of PERSIA, is white and you know, not persian, maybe the same reason everyone in that Dragonball flick became white as the driven snow.

      Or why Jake fakes a British accent like that's any more realistic for a "Persian" character than his natural US accent.

      Still, the movie looks like it could be alright so I'm willing to suspend my disbelief for a couple of hours.

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