Why Would Sony Want To Know What You Eat?

Reader zachstr just took part in a survey for Sony, about the company's PlayStation Network. For some reason, amidst all the gaming stuff, were these questions about fast food.

Now, Sony could just be asking for marketing purposes. Arrange something in terms of advertising, or sponsorship, with the outlets that prove most popular.

But it could be for something else. The survey was specifically for the PlayStation Network, after all. Could Sony be looking at doing something similar to Nintendo, whose "Food Delivery Channel" lets Japanese Wii owners order a variety of food for delivery via their console.

Doesn't seem like something too hard for either Sony or these companies to arrange. If you can order a pizza via the internet or an iPhone, there's no reason you couldn't do so from your PlayStation 3 as well.


    after another mandatory update that adds nothing and removes some of the original functions (While bricking some peoples Ps3s)Sony wants to know how we can swallow this shit?

      Boo Hoo have another fucking sook about losing the "Other OS" feature that YOU NEVER USED IN THE FIRST PLACE

      Grow the fuck up man. You people come out of the woodwork in unison to complain about something you never use and never intend on using

      "Oh but i MIGHT use it in the future"

      Well tough shit, buy a PC.

        you misunderstand me, I have never used the other OS thing, and did'nt intend to, honestly could'nt care less about it;

        I was refering more about the fact it's a pointless update sony rolled out, and bricked some peoples Ps3s

          Sorry man, my bad. I tend to over react

          Unproven fact about the bricking though - that could happen for thousands of reasons. Mine YLOD'd after quitting Super Stardust HD - I could say that was to blame, but we all know it wasnt.

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