Will The Nintendo 3DSi Screen Look Like This?

Late last week, Japanese electronics maker Sharp showed off its new 3D touchscreen display.

As a Sharp spokesman explained, the company would like to replace the LCD screens in mobile phones, smart phones, video games and digital cameras. Video games, hey, wait a minute!

Nintendo has announced a "Nintendo DS" successor, the NIntendo 3DSi, a 3D glasses-free game portable machine.

Video news site DigInfo has a video clip of the 3D display in action, which can handle 2D and 3D images. As Kotaku posted previously, The new 3D touchscreen LCD tech is capable of switching between 2D and 3D modes, perfect for backward compatibility with the current Nintendo DS and DSi software libraries. And, perhaps best of all, Sharp's new screen features some impressive specs, boasting a 854 x 480 pixel resolution. Compared to the 256 x 192 pixel resolution of the Nintendo DSi and DSi XL and the 480 x 272 resolution of the PlayStation Portable, we could have a very attractive picture to look forward to.

The 3.4" screen that Sharp unveiled is bigger than that of the Nintendo DSi (3.25") but smaller than the DSi XL (4.2"). That size backs up previous reports that the Nintendo 3DS would sport a pair of screens smaller than the XL version of Nintendo's popular handheld. Reports have pegged Sharp as the manufacturer of the new screens for the upcoming Nintendo 3DSi portable.


    3DSi? I thought it was just 3DS. The whole reason Im getting an XL is because I dont think the 3DS will have screens as big as a 3DS, as said in the article.

    Hey David, I know this isn’t the right post for this, but have early versions of Natal or Move actually been given out to media in Australia yet?. I was watching good game today and they mentioned they tried the game Pipebuster 2 on the natal and move. Have you heard anything about that?.

      Pipebuster was an April Fools gag on Good Game two years ago. I think they must have namedropped it again for the fans.

      Regardless, Natal was shown to some media at E3 last year, while Move was playable at GDC last month. Neither product has been "given out" to any media in the world.

    Interesting concept. Maybe the next gen iPhone/iPod Touch could use it too.

    Is the 3DSi region protected. i.e. Will the games I buy in Singapore work on a console from Australia or N.Z

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