WIN! Resonance Of Fate Game, T-Shirt & Soundtrack

Want to win the JRPG I think is much better than Final Fantasy XIII? Read on.

Tri-Ace and Sega's Resonance Of Fate is a stylish and complex RPG set in a world on the brink of environmental disaster. It came out last week and we've got some copies of the game, its soundtrack and a t-shirt to give away.

Thanks to Sega, we have FIVE Resonance Of Fate packs up for grabs, each containing a copy of the game on Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, along with a ten-track game soundtrack CD and Resonance Of Fate t-shirt.

Along with being an excellent antidote to Final Fantasy XIII, Resonance Of Fate is notable for its a) innovative combat system where each character pulls off a range of attacks while posing like they've just stepped onto a catwalk, and b) copious customisation that allows you to tweak every tiny detail of each character's appearance. Which is where our competition entry mechanic comes in.

We want you to send us a photo of yourself in full Resonance Of Fate combat pose. Look at the box art right there. Check out screenshots like this one and this one, this one and of course the one above. And research just how customisable the character options are in this Resonance Of Fate fashion parade. Then just add your own creativity and take a photo.

You've got until Sunday, April 11 to get your entry in. Your photo must include the Kotaku logo, no Photoshopping, and be in jpeg format no wider than 1000 pixels. Send your entry to the usual address and make sure you include your full name, postal address and contact number, along with your console preference.

Good luck!

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    That leg looks weird ...

    I think Capcom need to call their lawyers, that character is a dead ringer for Dante, he’s got that same look of “insufferable douchebag” all over him.

      The great thing is you can then rework the clothing to make him less douchey and more kickass. I seriously wish more games gave me the customisation ROF does. It's like WOW minus the spikes and leather and sets.

        More kickass??

        From playing so far, the only clothes I've seen make him go from being a douche to a completely whiney emo pussy... :P

      With that being said this game looks a whole lot better than Devil May Cry

    Had no idea of the customisation, think i may just have to pick it up!

    'excellent antidote to Final Fantasy XIII'

    I just noticed that and lol'd.

    Actually intrigued, looks quite interesting.

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