WIN! Silent Hill: Shattered Memories On Wii

WIN! Silent Hill: Shattered Memories On Wii

This week we return to the town of Silent Hill in Shattered Memories, a reimagining of Konami’s survival horror original. Tell the police everything as you try to win yourself a copy.

Thanks to Konami’s Aussie distributor Mindscape, we have TEN copies of Silent Hill: Shattered Memories for Nintendo Wii up for grabs this week. The game’s also out on Thursday on PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable, but we don’t have any copies of those to give away, sadly.

Each day this week we’ll be giving away two copies. But how do you win?

If you played the original Silent Hill for PlayStation, you would know the message you saw whenever you saved your game: “Someday, someone may experience these bizarre events. Hopefully they will find my notes useful.”

We want to know what notes you would write about these bizarre events. You know, in the hope that someday, someone will find them useful. Leave your notes in the comments below. The most creative, wittiest and cleverest two notes left will win.

No multiple entries, please. Today’s draw will remain open until midday, Wednesday April 21. The winners will be announced at 3pm Wednesday and a new draw will open.

And the winners of Monday’s draw are…

Jonmokoko, whose detailed note read:

Just moved to a new place called Silent Hill. Pretty quiet. Must be a public holiday. Weather currently atrocious… fog like pea soup.
Still nobody around. Thought I saw my dead ex-wife. Should probably get my glasses prescription checked.
Must try to get in touch with my landlord. It seems every time the towns siren goes off (at hugely inappropriate times I might add)my walls melt into some kind of rusty hellish mess. Probably just needs another coat of Dulux.
Still no sight of anyone. Might go out to a club or bar to try and meet someone later this evening.
This place is rubbish. Finally found a bar after stumbling through this bloody fog with a piddly little flashlight only to have the bouncer (some twat with a big Triangular hat)hack off my bloody arm and chase me down the street.
Should have moved to Raccoon City…”

and Iain Andrew, who penned this letter:

“To the residents of silent hill,

My name is Harry Mason I am looking for my daughter Cheryl.

All of my attempts to communicate with most of you have been useless, so far you all seem intent on murdering me. I was trying to look past your grotesque features and violent behaviour and simply find my lost daughter but you leave me no choice!

I have baked a multitude of delicious cakes and would be happy to share them with anyone that has information of the whereabouts of my daughter.

If you wish to receive your cake in exchange for information please meet me at the hospital cafeteria.

Kind regards, Harry Mason.”

Congrats, guys, I’ll be in touch once the comp has wrapped up.

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  • (Cue narrator from Law and Order)

    In the quest for a justice system in Silent hill, the people are hounded by two separate yet
    equally vicious groups: the demons, who instigate heinous crimes;
    and the district ghouls, who loiter and frighten the defendants.
    These are their stories…

  • Geez! talk about suspense horror!!! who won?! 😉

    My entry for today:

    I SAW a fleeting vision of the RESIDENT EVIL that lurks in this DEAD SPACE. The F.E.A.R overwhelms me as THE THING steps from the bounds of its FATAL FRAME. Chimes from THE CLOCK TOWER ring in my ears like a SIREN warning of impending DOOM!

    • So what did THE THING turn out to be? A zombie? A many tentaceled beast from another dimension? Ubisoft DRM???

  • To anyone (not from Silent Hill) who reads this note:

    I assume that, like me, you have been brought here to answer some questions/find someone dear to you. Clearly you, like me, need to watch more horror movies.

    This will end badly. I recommend you just leave now and check in to therapy. It’ll be faster and cheaper, since you wont add a monster filled trip to Satantown to your already serious issues (and trust me, if you’re here, you’ve got serious issues).

    I know I’ll be seeing a shrink just as soon as I get out of here. I just have that feeling, y’know?

    Regards (and seriously, just leave now)
    Harry Mason

  • didn’t expect any of this
    it is crazy just
    run goddamn he’s behind me
    goddamn fog i cant see what
    is in front of me it is like
    there is som
    found ammunition!
    that doesnet help i cant see
    it wont help i cant aim
    found a corpse today HE YELLED AT ME
    i dont think he is my friend hehehe
    there are sounds but i cant make them out
    i think i am going to die
    i think i am already dead and havent noticed
    that sucks i guess

  • “remember, if you see a hole in the ground – jump in! and if you see a hole in the wall – put your hand in it! whats the worst that could happen?!?”

  • 11:00 am: This place reminds me of some kind of bad movie.
    11:30 am: Where is everyone? Normally whenever something is vaguely unusual I’d grab my shotgun and slaughter everything I see. Damn, I wish I’d brought my shotgun.
    12:00 pm: This place is creeping me the f**k out. I hope there are no dogs.
    12:30 pm: There HAD to be dogs.
    1:00 pm: Run as fast as you can!!!! This place is going to hell!!!!…err…I think..maybe..not sure could be delusional. Maybe its just a clown convention. Kind of confused now I think about it.

  • I hope I finish this before I die…
    Anyone who finds this, as hot as the nurses get when you’ve been here for a while, don’t sleep with them.
    I managed to take a scalpel off one of them and…
    Just don’t, It’ll fall off

  • TO: Harry Mason
    RE: Moving holes

    There was a HOLE here. It’s gone now. As you were the last person in Silent Hill prior to the noticing of it’s disappearance we hold you directly responsible. Please return the hole to it’s original location before the release of Silent Hill 4 or legal action will be taken.

    Silent Hill Shire Council

  • 3:45 am- I’ve awoken in my car, crashed into a pole. There appears to be no medical attention around.
    4:57 am- After searching the area, I notice I’m in a town called Silent Hill.
    5:34 am- I’m sitting in the local diner. It’s snowing outside. This town seems awfully keen on it’s brainteasers. Still no-one to be seen.
    6:23 am – It’s almost dawn by my watch, but it’s still pitch-black outside. Maybe I’m in one of those places that get only 6 months of Sun?
    6:45 am – I realize I’ve been sitting and writing notes for hours now. Maybe I should get back to solving those puzzles outside. Eh, someone else will ge around to it.
    8:15 am- I heard something outside. I would investigate, but I am a giant coward. Wait..there’s someone trying to get it…
    8:17 am- HaHa! ThAt JacKaSS WaS jUsT SitTing TheRe wRiTinG NotEs, DidN’T eVen SeE Me ComE In! BeTtEr GeT BaCk To sEttiNg Up PuzZles THouGh..

  • Sometimes, dying is a release from the horrors of the world
    I sympathise with that feeling of loss as you struggle to find your daughter
    Let’s understand where you’re going wrong
    Entering a building without a light and screaming out ‘Cheryl’ isn’t particularly smart.
    Never mind the fact you’re not supposed to fight
    This experience is like déjà vu, isn’t it?
    Harry is such a commonplace name
    Ignore those demons and focus on what’s important
    Learn that memories define the man you truly are
    Locating hidden messages will ensure your survival

  • “Lost in darkness
    Ashes that fall from the sky
    Ever darkness
    And there’s nowhere you can hide
    Wander on, wander on

    Never found, never found
    Though you wander on and on and on
    You’ll never be found
    They can see you now
    They’re trapped here, too

    They smell you now
    And there’s nothing you can do
    Lost in darkness
    Burning ashes falling from the sky
    This eternal darkness

    In this town, there’s nowhere you can hide
    Never again to be found
    This creeping fear into your soul will be instilled
    You can run but you’ll never be found

    Forever lost in Silent Hill
    They can see you now
    Though eyes they may lack
    They can smell you now
    And here you will die, even if you fight back

    Lost in darkness
    The ashes that ever fall from the sky
    Never-ending darkness
    And this strange town, forever lost inside

    Burning secrets, hidden lies
    Nothing pure left to behold
    Hidden secrets, burning lies
    And so your soul is sold
    They see you now

    And you’re all alone
    They smell you now
    You’ll never go back home
    Lost in darkness
    These ashes, falling from the sky
    Eternal darkness

    Behold Silent Hill; you’ll never leave alive”

  • Dear Claudia,

    In the past I have been open in supporting your suggestions to turn Silent Hill into a resort town. I applauded your idea to bring in tourists by sending out information pamphlets to various travel agents in the country. I was excited over the Lakeview Hotel being built and the amusement park is coming along nicely.

    However, what I do not understand is why you insist on drugging any and all potential tourists that come our way and painting the town in shades of rust and back again while they sleep. Why do we also have to dress up in costume to scare them after they wake? What is the meaning behind all this?

    I know I am not experienced in the politics of managing a town but can you understand how confusing this all is for someone like me? I just want to be able to sleep at night knowing we’re doing what’s best for the town.

    Your friend, Vincent.

  • 15/4/10
    Woke up in the morning, definitely don’t feel like a bottle of jacks. Where the hell am I? WHY THE HELL IS MY DOOR LOCKED FROM THE OUTSIDE?
    Reminder to self: change telco companies, best coverage my ass. Where is all this howling coming from? My window seems to be sound and lock proof, and there is a hole in my wall. Yes. A hole in my wall. Phone keeps ringing too although it’s disconnected.
    The hole in the wall is getting bigger.
    I’m not stupid enough to put anything into that hole. I’ve played enough games to know not to do that, or to answer the phone when it’s disconnected.
    Funny how they never show how hungry you get in videogames, or how lonely. I wish the phone would start ringing again. Whoever put me here doesn’t realise that I CAN GET HUNGRY.
    I’ve eaten everything i can get my hands on; I’m SO HUNGRY. The hole is huge now. I used to laugh and smack my head when an ‘idiot’ in a game went into a trap. I’ll never do it again.
    Note to self: Vote out Atkinson for R18+. We need all the preparation we can get.

  • Wow, I reckon they should name this place SEXY hill, because the chicks round here are banging. I went down to the hospital, and they had some nurses that redefined naughty. They were so flexible I almost lost it there. Then, I went down to the police station, this cop with this nice rack started talking to me, and I swear, they started to grow the more I stared at them. This place is great, I’m gonna tell all my friends to come down here.

  • 11:00 am
    “To anyone that may find this…I hope you have a map or something because there’s so much fucking fog!”
    11:02 am
    “Nevermind, I found one in the next room.”
    11:04 am
    “OH god! I just found something in the town. It took 50 beatings to the face before it died!

    Then someone told me it’s the easiest enemy in the game D: ”
    11:05 am
    “I’m screwed”

  • Geez, for a place called Silent Hill I sure do seem to be doing a lot of screaming in terror. Remind me to fire my real estate agent.

  • OMG! Like, where am I? Like, there’s no signal on my iPhone, and my friends say this is like the bestest place ever…I so need to call them…they are so lying right now…

    Oh and like a while ago, I just slapped some random drunk guy walking weirdly, he looked like a zombie, so claps for the originality, it was like a really good costume…

    Can you just buzz me up, like, if you read this, my number is 0934-324-432…I don’t know if I have enough credit though…but like I need to go and look for a salon, my nails are like ruined again…

    Oh, there’s a creepy walking guy again…I’m so gonna ask him…

    Toodles… 😀

  • Ah, nice day one winners 🙂 Day two entry:

    ‘I really shouldn’t have raised a baby I found on the side of the road. It most definately was NOT a gift from God…’

  • (Character looks at wall): “It looks like there’s a message here, written in…is that… blood?”

    Message scrawled in blood:
    As tasty and tempting as that half formed fetus looks, don’t eat it. Just don’t, trust me, it’s this whole thing to do with birthing the Anti Christ and yeah…

    (“Fetal Warning” has been added to notes).

  • I’m lying in a crate, waiting on the tarmac. Our scheduled take-off was eleven hours ago. Through a knothole I watch an inky darkness spreading across the sky. Everyone has disappeared, and I don’t know what’s going on.

    Seventeen hours in, and I can’t take it any more – it’s cold and damp in here, and my case is starting to itch and warp. I’ve decided I’m going to break out. Unfortunately I’m an inanimate object so–wait, I see–the crate is being opened–a hand, a terrible–

    After being thrown into a coarse knapsack with a handful of my clones, I’ve been jostled around in here for the past few hours with no regard for return policy. My captor appears to be moving at a brisk gallop toward some unknown destination. I try to call out for help, and then remember that I have no mouth. Someone. Anyone. Please, help me.

    Ash fills the air, blankets the ground, scores my disc with a thousand tiny scratches. A few moments ago I was roughly snatched out from the darkness of the knapsack, the action tearing my shrinkwrap like a heroine’s bodice in a 1930s horror film. I know what they are to do to me now. I felt it, felt their thoughts.

    I look down into the into the still-erupting heart of Mt. Eyjafjallajokull, and catch, in between burst of boiling lava, fleeting glimpses of a town – a small, empty village, that lies between a forest and a lake.

    They want their secrets kept. They’re taking me back.

  • “hmm….seing as there so much weird s%$t going on here, maybe i should keep track of whats happening, someone could use this information if they ever go through what im going through…hmm…haha….who needs twitter.

    These messages follow

    “Wow, this place is creepy, knew i should have Googled this place”
    “About 3 years ago” Via: Pen and paper From: Some scary place

    “Currently Eating:No idea what, doesnt taste great either”
    “About 3 years ago” Via: Pen and paper From: Some scary place

    “People here suck, im leaving”
    “About 3 years ago” Via: Pen and paper From: Some scary place

    “Anyone know what this is? He wont answer me” “”
    “About 3 years ago” Via: Pen and paper From: Some scary place

    “Currently running, knew i should have started working out earlier”
    “About 3 years ago” Via: Pen and paper From: Some scary place

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