WIN! Silent Hill: Shattered Memories On Wii

WIN! Silent Hill: Shattered Memories On Wii

This week we return to the town of Silent Hill in Shattered Memories, a reimagining of Konami’s survival horror original. You could win yourself a copy if you take the correct turn.

Thanks to Konami’s Aussie distributor Mindscape, we have TEN copies of Silent Hill: Shattered Memories for Nintendo Wii up for grabs this week. The game’s also out on Friday on PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable, but we don’t have any copies of those to give away, sadly.

Note: As we heard yesterday, the Wii version of Shattered Memories has been delayed by the Iceland volcano. It won’t release this tomorrow as planned, but will hopefully be out next week.

Each day this week we’ll be giving away two copies. But how do you win?

If you played the original Silent Hill for PlayStation, you would know the message you saw whenever you saved your game: “Someday, someone may experience these bizarre events. Hopefully they will find my notes useful.”

We want to know what notes you would write about these bizarre events. You know, in the hope that someday, someone will find them useful. Leave your notes in the comments below. The most creative, wittiest and cleverest two notes left will win.

No multiple entries, please. Today’s draw will remain open until midday, Wednesday April 21. The winners will be announced at 3pm Wednesday and a new draw will open.

And the winners of Monday’s draw are…

welbot and this pun-tastic note:

I SAW a fleeting vision of the RESIDENT EVIL that lurks in this DEAD SPACE. The F.E.A.R overwhelms me as THE THING steps from the bounds of its FATAL FRAME. Chimes from THE CLOCK TOWER ring in my ears like a SIREN warning of impending DOOM! ALONE IN THE DARK on SILENT HILL… I HAVE NO MOUTH AND I MUST SCREAM!

and tallkid123 and this moment of self-reflection:

Sometimes, dying is a release from the horrors of the world I sympathise with that feeling of loss as you struggle to find your daughter Let’s understand where you’re going wrong Entering a building without a light and screaming out ‘Cheryl’ isn’t particularly smart. Never mind the fact you’re not supposed to fight This experience is like déjà vu, isn’t it? Harry is such a commonplace name Ignore those demons and focus on what’s important Learn that memories define the man you truly are Locating hidden messages will ensure your survival

Congrats, guys, I’ll be in touch once the comp has wrapped up.

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    • Reffer to the “ask me stuff” thread there smurfy.

      he’ll “announce it by the end of the week”. So he’s either been bombarded with quality entries and is strained for time to get to them, or he juts likes making us poor little SOB’s dangle.

      …I’d like to think it’s a little of both…

  • Umm, kind of fail to see how the first post is advice to other players. Also, think it is very, very corny and has nothing to do with the game.

      • Seifer is still just a lil angry after getting his butt whooped by Squall several times in FF8

        *shakes head*

        teens today… so much anger…

      • Woah, okay. Was just expressing my opinion. Touchy much? Perhaps I should run all my comments past you before I submit?

          • Lol, actually Im 27 but thanks, chuloopa. Sorry again David, I meant I will send you a personal email (or perhaps you would like a letter, something a little more official) before I voice any sort of opinion or disagreement with other views epxressed. And sorry, but most people that are fans of the series would probably agree that that post had no connection to the game itself and was just kinda lame. Not trying to be a jerk or anything, just saying it wasn’t my cup of tea is all. Don’t know why you would really care and seemingly take offence but whatevs…


          POST OF THE DAY 😀

          oh god i can’t get over how good that is – it’s kinda like watching someone run into a glass door 😀

          • I didn’t like that post either. I think that just plugging as many survival horror/action games as possible would be silly. If you really wanted to break the 4th wall you would comment on the player as is done in persona 3.
            He also forgot Obscure and Parasite Eve.

    • You’re new here its ok, don’t be scared. The competitions are as much about creativity and wit as the rigid guidelines you’ll see in most non-skill based contests.

      The winners post stood out from the rest as it approached the challenge from a different angle to most by combining famous pop culture references of movies, video games and books in to what could be a note to a ‘passer-by’ – sheer brilliance and a deserving winner if you ask me.

      I still recall a competition not that long ago that asked for a top 5 people you would take with you to save the universe and someone posted:
      Wii Fit
      Wii Kart
      Wii Play
      Wii Super Mario
      Wii Sports
      They are on the top of every other list why not this one

      Again completely outside of what was asked for but sheer brilliance and a deserving winner all the same.

      • You seem to throw around the phrase”sheer brilliance”quite liberally. I agree with Seifer, the entry didn’t follow the guidlines at all and whilst i agree with you that the entry was unconventional; it was clumsily written and lacked wit.

        But don’t fret Seifer, I swear Wildgoose selects half the winners at random.

        P.S This is my entry.

        • I’m sorry, Liquid, but your entry, whilst unconventional, does not follow the guidelines, is clumsily written and lacks wit. It will therefore not be considered for the prize.

      • Haha, that was me for the Mass Effect 2 competition.

        I’ve found that a lot of the winners in the competitions here on Kotaku come from really left-of-center entries. You need to post something that firstly catches Dave’s attention and secondly is witty enough for him to remember.

        Remember, the competition rules are more like guidelines.

  • After difficulties getting my proposed health reforms past the various State Governments, my trusty lieutenant Julia suggested I should try and reconnect with the grassroots of Australia. She suggested a fact-finding mission to one of our fine regional towns. I thought this a marvellous idea, and before you know it my staff had booked me in for a four day visit to a pleasant sounding town called Silent Hill. Can’t wait! – Kevin Rudd

    First day of the tour and I headed to the local cafeteria for a pre-arranged public meeting. I thought it would be a great way to learn the thoughts of the people. However, after waiting for hours, no-one showed up, I couldn’t even find a staff member for service! Could Julia have been right? Could I, Kevin07, Man of the People, be losing touch with the common man? I pray that the townsfolk were merely kept away by the thick fog that has plagued the town since my arrival. – Kevin07

    Day two, and I have been noticing a number of failings on the part of the State Government, especially when it comes to the subject of public works. Most of the roads are potholed and in a state of general disrepair. At places, the potholes have widened into what can only be described as chasms. Perhaps a new public works scheme to help combat unemployment will be a popular policy in an election year? We need to make sure our rural cousins are getting a fair shake of the sauce bottle in comparison with their city couterparts. I’m sure I could find some funding for the scheme by slashing the budget dedicated to the near constant testing of the town’s (admittedly splendid) air raid siren. – K-Rudd

    Day three of my regional tour saw me visiting the local hospital, and has left me rather perturbed. The shabbiness and disrepair noticed in the streets has carried over to this public health facility, with beds and wards filthy, bloodstained and in a generally shocking state. What’s more the nursing staff seem under-resourced, surly and suffering from low levels of morale. It is now clear to me that my health reforms will come not a minute to soon for facilities such as Alchemilla Hospital. – The Krudd

    The final day of my tour has arrived, and I must say I will be happy to return to the safety of Canberra. There is much work to be done if the situation in Silent Hill is indicative of rural Australia as a whole. I spent today working on rural crime rates. I must say, I thought we had problems with knife violence in our cities, but the city boys have nothing on the locals! I witnessed youths carting around knives as long as I am tall, and what’s worse is they have fashioned themselves some sort of enormous triangular metal helmets to protect themselves. Who do they think they are, Ned Kelly?!? Despite this escalation in weaponry, the town is policed by a single police-woman, by the name of Cybill Bennett. Long hours and no back-up have left Ms. Bennett jaded and cynical, and I fear for her mental well being in her job. We must be providing better support to our law-enforcement officials. – Kruddler

    Someday, someone may experience these bizarre events. Hopefully they will find my notes useful. I am unable to leave Silent Hill, all roads from town seem to be blocked or have disintegrated. Contained within these pages are a blueprint on how to gain the votes of regional Australia, and thus win the next fedral election! Whoever finds them must return them to Julia Gillard at Parliament in Canberra ASAP. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES let these notes fall into the hands of Tony Abbott! – Rudd Out.

  • You realise there’s no weapons in this game, right? Why are stopping to read this? Run. Get away as fast as you can.

  • Help me!
    I’m here.
    In this town of fog.
    Come look for me!

    Ash falls from the sky.
    There’s no escape.
    The Boogeyman is coming!
    Run and hide he’ll still find you.
    With his giant sword and pyramid helmet.

    I’m burning!
    Make it stop!
    Being here is like dying all over again.

    They’re coming for you!
    Just find me, and everything will change.

    You’ve uncovered the truth.
    Your safe…
    …For now!

  • Allrighty, make a perfectly civil response but it doesn’t get posted. I can see the high level of maturity I’m dealing with here, lol.

    • Apologies, Seifer, I now know to consult with you on all my jokes before I publish them.

      (That’s a joke, too.)

        • Lol. Gotta say pretty much agree with Seifer. That post didn’t have anything to do with the game, wasn’t advice and was pretty lame, lol. Will now await barrage of narky comments from Kotaku fanboys, hehe 😛

        • not that i need to justify my answer, but did seifer actually read yesterday’s winning answers? not a lot of ‘advice’ in them either! If you really think about it though, my scrawlings to relate in a number of ways…. evil lurking in the dark was reference to pyramid head.. not exactly a lurker, but still creepy.. siren in my head.. pretty obvious really..
          To be honest, I didn’t expect to win.. i just thought someone might get a giggle from my comment, which Aliasalpha apparently did, and followed it up with a response that even made me LOL :0 nice work! That Ubisoft DRM is a real monster 😉

  • To whom is may concern,

    Spend your time running from monsters and solving puzzles – writing notes does nothing to help your escape.

    -A concerned visitor

  • To the guy who keeps leaving these notes around the place:

    When I catch up with you, Im giving your ass a litter fine!!!

    – The Sherrif.

  • To the person reading this letter;


    …gotcha ^_^

    Seriously, be careful though and spend less time stopping to read random letters that i may or may have not left strewn around the town.

    • Lol! Don’t wanna keep going on about this but your other posts in this thread just seemed overtly nasty to me 😛 You have the gall to laugh at what others say and then write something so un-original and boring? What was that about a glass door? Lol. And yes, realise this is off topic and don’t wanna get into a flame war so shall say no more 🙂 Cheers.

  • Shopping List

    -green herb
    -Rechargeable Batteries
    -first aid kit
    -Mountain Dew

    If you’re going by the shops, these would help.

  • Would you be writing something creative, witty or clever when you have mutated dogs and nurses trying to jam syringes up your ass in a world where everything is either foggy or covered in blood?

    Didn’t think so.

  • You were always saying to me cheryl:
    “gotta make a move to a town thats right for me, town to get me moving keep me grooving with some energy”
    Well you talked about it talked about it talked about it talked about it.Talk about talk about talk about moving. Gotta move on. Gotta move on.
    You were always saying:
    “Wont you take me to funkytown? Wont you take me to funkytown?

    The mistake is that i was convinced but where are you now brat?

    (thats actually the lyrics from the song by Lipps Inc named funkytown)

  • Just clarifying – is it no multiple entries for the whole comp, or one entry for each day? My entry disappeared for today (despite it being a little lame with minimal winning chances, but just wondering)

    • Ok, taking the chance and putting in my entry. I’ll try a little self editing on the misplaced version:


  • Scrawled on paper are some notes

    “To walk, use the Nunchuck thumbstick”
    “To use your torch, hit the + button, and to look around move the Wiimote”
    “To shove a monster, thrust the Wiimote and Nunchuck towards them”
    “To run hold the Z button”
    “To listen to a phone call, hold the Wiimote to your ear”

    Scrawled underneath
    “what the fu….”

  • Dear prospective home owners,

    Whilst I cannot abandon my search for my child, I have decided to take a short moment to jot down some notes urging you to reconsider your momentary interest in this sleepy town.

    Let me first say that I understand your reason for coming here. The sea is rising, and many people are finding the urge to settle atop a hill nigh irresistible. When the waters rise, you, your game consoles, your sealed copy of Stadium Events and your fiancee will all be safe above the tide. That is if you act soon enough and settle yourself on higher ground.

    And you are no doubt overwhelmed by the intricacies of choosing a suitable hill. Not all hills are ideal locations for one’s new abode. You have no doubt heard tales of one oversized hill, Eyjafjallajokull, driving away any hill-dwellers lacking the rupees to purchase a suitable fire tunic. Similarly, frequent storms over Hill Olympus have frightened all but the most angry and vengeful residents. And over the years many green hills have been plagued with furry creatures entrapped within killer robots.

    But please, heed my warning. A hill purporting to be silent is a hill in disguise. Hills are dastardly landmarks of the nether-realm, or so I have come to believe. I’ve seen terrible things. I’ve seen creatures that creep, stalk, groan and romp through the fog. I have fled creatures that thirst for blood, hid from creatures that desire warm flesh, and cajoled creatures lusting for a tween revival (sparkles, shmarkles… a monster has to earn a living). I have studied creatures from the very depths of the underworld. I have experienced all this and more atop this “silent” hill. It lies quietly, mayhap, but lies nonetheless.

    I could not recommend this hill town to even the most resilient of survivors, and urge you to reconsider. Alas, what hope do I have of convincing you, if you have yet to be dissuaded by notes scrawled in my own blood!

    Sincerely yours, forever, barring the forfeiture of your soul to a demon.


    P.S. I have heard of a dreamy island mountain (mountains are far more reliable than the aforementioned hills), which might suit your elevation needs. If you can find it, Tal Tal Mountain on Koholint Island might be worth a look.

  • Sung to the tune of “I Am the Very Model of a Modern Major General” by Gilbert and Sullivan:

    I am the very model of a Silent Hill Protagonist
    My troubles keep on building from me being a true altruist
    But local cults just won’t let up, my actions get them really pissed
    Though I don’t mind their practices, I seem to be a pragmatist

    The puzzles I encounter range from cake to mathematical
    Occasionally strained until I need to take sabbatical
    This location’s issues stem from tribes Indian historical
    The horrors seen and lessons learnt are actually allegorical

    The way this places transforms itself occurs at total randomness
    And my inventory looks much like an H.R. Giger shopping list
    I don’t really get the plot but fine if I can get the jist
    I am the very model of a Silent Hill Protagonist

  • Day 5: – “Okay, this might sound weird, but before today I totally had a thing for Nurses… I was getting pretty lonely so decided to hit up the local hospital. Let’s just say I don’t have a thing for nurses anymore. That is unless…

    Note for tomorrow: Go to grocery store and pick up some paper bags”

  • Oh no. I submitted an entry at 11:20am, but I cannot see it there!

    Did my “waiting for moderation” post perish along the internet tubes while on it’s noble quest?

  • I have found a way to escape the fog by creating a mystical ward using an ancient ritual. The steps of this ritual are as follows:

    Pull your pants down to your ankles. You don’t have time to question it, just do it.
    Next, shave off as much body hair (including eyebrows) as you can.
    Collect the hair and mix through any kind of spread you can find (peanut butter, vegemite, vaseline, etc).
    Cram as much of the spread into your mouth as you can. DO NOT swallow it.
    Start clawing at the air as if you are being attacked by a thousand bats. This will ward off the evil spirits that inhabit this town.
    Finally, run down the main street screaming profanities as fast and as loudly as your lowered pants and spread-filled mouth will allow.

    Did you really do all that? Hahahaha, seriously though, you’re screwed

  • This loses its impact because strikethrough formatting isn’t supported. Try to visualise the bracketed words as being struck through please!!

    A brief, amended fragment of Psalm 23.

    Yea, (though) when I (walk) run through the valley of the shadow and fog (of) and death, I (will) fear (no) evil; For You are (with) far from me; Your rod and Your staff: wish I could wield them, for they would comfort me. You prepare a table with me as the main course (before me) in the presence of my enemies ; You anoint my head with (oil) (mountain dew); My enemies’ cup runs over.
    Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my next life; (And) When I will dwell in the house of the LORD Forever and not in this hell.

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