WIN! Silent Hill: Shattered Memories On Wii

WIN! Silent Hill: Shattered Memories On Wii
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This week we return to the town of Silent Hill in Shattered Memories, a reimagining of Konami’s survival horror original. You could win yourself a copy if you can crawl away fast enough.

Thanks to Konami’s Aussie distributor Mindscape, we have TEN copies of Silent Hill: Shattered Memories for Nintendo Wii up for grabs this week. The game’s also out on Friday on PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable, but we don’t have any copies of those to give away, sadly.

Note: As we heard yesterday, the Wii version of Shattered Memories has been delayed by the Iceland volcano. It won’t release today as planned, but will hopefully be out next week.

Each day this week we’re giving away two copies. But how do you win?

If you played the original Silent Hill for PlayStation, you would know the message you saw whenever you saved your game: “Someday, someone may experience these bizarre events. Hopefully they will find my notes useful.”

We want to know what notes you would write about these bizarre events. You know, in the hope that someday, someone will find them useful. Leave your notes in the comments below. The most creative, wittiest and cleverest two notes left will win.

No multiple entries, please. Today’s draw will remain open until midday, Friday April 23. The winners will be announced at 3pm Friday and a new draw will open.

And the winners of Wednesday’s draw are…

Sean and this jolly romp of a note:

Sung to the tune of “I Am the Very Model of a Modern Major General” by Gilbert and Sullivan:

I am the very model of a Silent Hill Protagonist
My troubles keep on building from me being a true altruist
But local cults just won’t let up, my actions get them really pissed
Though I don’t mind their practices, I seem to be a pragmatist

The puzzles I encounter range from cake to mathematical
Occasionally strained until I need to take sabbatical
This location’s issues stem from tribes Indian historical
The horrors seen and lessons learnt are actually allegorical

The way this places transforms itself occurs at total randomness
And my inventory looks much like an H.R. Giger shopping list
I don’t really get the plot but fine if I can get the jist
I am the very model of a Silent Hill Protagonist

and luverly_5pam’s lengthy but amusing political tale:

After difficulties getting my proposed health reforms past the various State Governments, my trusty lieutenant Julia suggested I should try and reconnect with the grassroots of Australia. She suggested a fact-finding mission to one of our fine regional towns. I thought this a marvellous idea, and before you know it my staff had booked me in for a four day visit to a pleasant sounding town called Silent Hill. Can’t wait! – Kevin Rudd

First day of the tour and I headed to the local cafeteria for a pre-arranged public meeting. I thought it would be a great way to learn the thoughts of the people. However, after waiting for hours, no-one showed up, I couldn’t even find a staff member for service! Could Julia have been right? Could I, Kevin07, Man of the People, be losing touch with the common man? I pray that the townsfolk were merely kept away by the thick fog that has plagued the town since my arrival. – Kevin07

Day two, and I have been noticing a number of failings on the part of the State Government, especially when it comes to the subject of public works. Most of the roads are potholed and in a state of general disrepair. At places, the potholes have widened into what can only be described as chasms. Perhaps a new public works scheme to help combat unemployment will be a popular policy in an election year? We need to make sure our rural cousins are getting a fair shake of the sauce bottle in comparison with their city couterparts. I’m sure I could find some funding for the scheme by slashing the budget dedicated to the near constant testing of the town’s (admittedly splendid) air raid siren. – K-Rudd

Day three of my regional tour saw me visiting the local hospital, and has left me rather perturbed. The shabbiness and disrepair noticed in the streets has carried over to this public health facility, with beds and wards filthy, bloodstained and in a generally shocking state. What’s more the nursing staff seem under-resourced, surly and suffering from low levels of morale. It is now clear to me that my health reforms will come not a minute to soon for facilities such as Alchemilla Hospital. – The Krudd

The final day of my tour has arrived, and I must say I will be happy to return to the safety of Canberra. There is much work to be done if the situation in Silent Hill is indicative of rural Australia as a whole. I spent today working on rural crime rates. I must say, I thought we had problems with knife violence in our cities, but the city boys have nothing on the locals! I witnessed youths carting around knives as long as I am tall, and what’s worse is they have fashioned themselves some sort of enormous triangular metal helmets to protect themselves. Who do they think they are, Ned Kelly?!? Despite this escalation in weaponry, the town is policed by a single police-woman, by the name of Cybill Bennett. Long hours and no back-up have left Ms. Bennett jaded and cynical, and I fear for her mental well being in her job. We must be providing better support to our law-enforcement officials. – Kruddler

Someday, someone may experience these bizarre events. Hopefully they will find my notes useful. I am unable to leave Silent Hill, all roads from town seem to be blocked or have disintegrated. Contained within these pages are a blueprint on how to gain the votes of regional Australia, and thus win the next fedral election! Whoever finds them must return them to Julia Gillard at Parliament in Canberra ASAP. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES let these notes fall into the hands of Tony Abbott! – Rudd Out.

Congrats, guys, I’ll be in touch once the comp has wrapped up.

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  • My note would be befitting for the modern generation:

    F1rst post!!!!!1!!!!1!1!!!

    (can’t believe I just did that to win a game)

    -Mae Sam

  • Dear Diary

    I like totally had the craziest day in Silent Hill today. I tried to like, get a burger, but the burger place was all deserted and like I waited in line forever and no one served me. So I was like “whatever” and scooted on out of there, then like this guy with a pyramid hat kept following me like some crazy psycho guy and I was like “Get away from me you freak or I’ll totally bash you with my flashlight” then I like ran down some alley and suddenly I everything seemed like demonic and scary. So I like thought to myself “screw this” and escaped out of there, then I was like totally over it and just went home to watch TV.

    PS I totally want a pyramid hat now THAT LOOKED SO COOL

    • Wow, that’s great news! Thanks David, I’ve been a fan of the Silent Hill series since the PS1 days, so was anticipating this reboot with great interest. Let’s hope it’s a return to form for the series!

  • oh noes! running out of copies to win! good entries once again guys. alright, one more shot:

    ‘To Earth man/woman,
    Please follow these instructions. Use this channeling stone on the school, in the hospital yard, inside Norman’s hotel, in the boat at the Silent Hill Resort, and on the roof at the lighthouse. All will be revealed.
    From other non-UFO Earth people.’

  • (Sung to Beverly Hillbillies)

    There once was a deity named Ole Pyramid Head,
    Who slaughtered all the folks of Silent Hill dead,
    Then one day along came this Harry dude,
    The monsters in the town were starting to feel screwed…

    This radio you see…

    It crackled… when they were near…

    Now the first thing ya know Ole Harries in the fog,
    Runnin’ round the place like a frothin’ mad old dog,
    Seems the damn monsters in their haze of lovin slaughter,
    Well they upped and done somethin’ bad and kidnapped his daughter…

    So Harry ran round and beat them at their game,
    Solvin’ riddles left and right, enough to drive a lesser man insane,
    But soon nighttime fell and the badguys they came out to play……
    But now Harrys in a remake with no guns and has to run the **** away!!!

    Sooooo we wish our Harry some good luck with finding his kid,
    And we bid Silent Hill adieu,
    Now to post this letter off to James,
    And kickstart us part 2!!!

  • Hey, somebody was cosplaying as this guy with the massive head at the convention I went to last year. He was a real nice guy, even though this one isn’t. I think we ended up grabbing a drink with him aftewards, out of costume. We had a few laughs and a good talk. But, I digress, you really should get out of this town.

  • Here art the ten commandents of Silent Hill:

    1- Thou shalt always leave notes for other visitors

    2- Thou shalt not fight, but run

    3- If thou must fight, thou shalt look for the weakest weapon possible

    4- If pressed, thou may use a firearm, but only if it’s vastly ineffective

    5- If confronted with a puzzle, thout shalt not resort to a guide

    6- Thou must keep Silent Hill ‘silent’ by obeying local noise pollution restrictions

    7- If thou sees Pyramid Head and a fanboy in the same room, thout must run

    8- If thou runs into any souls in Silent Hill, thou should assume they have either killed or slept with a great number of people

    9- Apon a visit to Silent Hill, thou shalt be forgiven of all sins

    10- Thou shalt do anything in their power to stop the second Silent Hill film being made

  • To whomever reads this note,

    If you ever happen to stumble across the horrific “pyramid head” heed this advice.

    DO NOT try to lighten his mood by asking “awww why the long face?”

    Also, on a semi-related note, if you happen to find a human arm just lying about, it’s probably mine and i would greatly appreciate it if you could bring it to the hospital, i’m headed there now before i bleed out – that place HAS to be safe (plus i’ve always had a thing for nurses so it’ll be nice to get some TLC wink wink)

    Ta and good luck,

  • If you want to survive this, you must first let your morals die, your squeamishness die, your cowardice die but never under any circumstances let your humanity die.

  • Behind you!

    No, I’m serious! Its behind you. Did you see it?

    You didn’t? There it is again!


    Too slow, you missed it.

    No matter. It knows you know its there. It will try other tactics but it won’t stalk you anymore because you’re alert. I just saved your life for now.

  • Hi dear reader,

    If you’ve read this, then good, because I really need it right now…many are dying because of me…

    Please…find…an internet source…and log-in to my facebook account…my email is [email protected] and my password is Cheryl08…Please get into farmville and save my crops, they’re all dying because of me…

    And with regards to where we are, well…look at googlemaps, I seriously have no idea…

  • Do not enter the next room,
    Unless you wish to meet your doom

    Even if you think the girl is a hottie,
    Please blow her brains out with a shotty

    Shoot everything that moves,
    Or you’ll lose more than your pubes

    And if you see zombie Tony Abbott,
    Boil him like you would a rabbit

    P.S. We’re out of milk!

  • Upon the precipice of hell does wait
    This sleepy town; an infernal gate

    Along the fog-white streets I hide
    Coagulant liquids pool at my side
    In Balkan Church, my time I bide
    The red run rivers rise like the tide

    The groaner’s cry does pierce my might
    Wrestling my wits through all the night
    My lucidity, does feint and fight
    In childish rhyme, I find some light

    In my thoughts I hear her weep
    As the rompers romp, and creepers creep
    Fatigue takes hold; each step a leap
    I lay my head for a moment’s sleep

    The living nightmare, a gruesome fate
    I feel my very will… abate…

  • Wii
    It’s the first thing one sees when they see gaming notes. And it’s all they got to write before getting killed or needing to escape.

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