WIN! Silent Hill: Shattered Memories On Wii

This week we return to the town of Silent Hill in Shattered Memories, a reimagining of Konami’s survival horror original. You could win yourself one of the final two copies. And that’s snow joke.

Thanks to Konami’s Aussie distributor Mindscape, we have TEN copies of Silent Hill: Shattered Memories for Nintendo Wii up for grabs this week. The game’s also out today on PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable, but we don’t have any copies of those to give away, sadly.

Note: As we heard yesterday, the Wii version of Shattered Memories has been delayed by the Iceland volcano. It won’t release this week as planned, but will hopefully be out next week.

Each day this week we’re giving away two copies. But how do you win?

If you played the original Silent Hill for PlayStation, you would know the message you saw whenever you saved your game: “Someday, someone may experience these bizarre events. Hopefully they will find my notes useful.”

We want to know what notes you would write about these bizarre events. You know, in the hope that someday, someone will find them useful. Leave your notes in the comments below. The most creative, wittiest and cleverest two notes left will win.

No multiple entries, please. Today’s draw will remain open until midday, Saturday April 24. The winners will be announced at 3pm Saturday.

And the winners of Thursday’s draw are…

Sughly, whose note is actually useful:

‘To Earth man/woman,
Please follow these instructions. Use this channeling stone on the school, in the hospital yard, inside Norman’s hotel, in the boat at the Silent Hill Resort, and on the roof at the lighthouse. All will be revealed.
From other non-UFO Earth people.’

and Liam Gibbons, whose note is – what is this? – also useful:

Here art the ten commandents of Silent Hill:
1- Thou shalt always leave notes for other visitors
2- Thou shalt not fight, but run
3- If thou must fight, thou shalt look for the weakest weapon possible
4- If pressed, thou may use a firearm, but only if it’s vastly ineffective
5- If confronted with a puzzle, thout shalt not resort to a guide
6- Thou must keep Silent Hill ‘silent’ by obeying local noise pollution restrictions
7- If thou sees Pyramid Head and a fanboy in the same room, thout must run
8- If thou runs into any souls in Silent Hill, thou should assume they have either killed or slept with a great number of people
9- Apon a visit to Silent Hill, thou shalt be forgiven of all sins
10- Thou shalt do anything in their power to stop the second Silent Hill film being made

Congrats, guys, I’ll be in touch once the comp has wrapped up.

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