WIN! Splinter Cell Conviction Xbox 360 Bundle & Games

WIN! Splinter Cell Conviction Xbox 360 Bundle & Games

WIN! Splinter Cell Conviction Xbox 360 Bundle & GamesSplinter Cell: Conviction will crack your head on a urinal next week when it releases on Xbox 360 and PC. But if you’d rather avoid such brutal interrogation techniques, you could enter our giveaway instead.

Thanks to Ubisoft we have a Splinter Cell: Conviction Xbox 360 console bundle up (that’s an Elite plus the game, as pictured) for grabs, along with five copies of the game on Xbox 360 for the runners-up.

How do you enter?

Well, we considered asking you to sneak your way into somewhere, but breaking and entering might not necessarily be in the realms of legality. Then we thought about getting you to “mark and execute” just like Sam Fisher, but again our lawyers advised us against it.

So instead we want you to send us a photo with a Splinter Cell: Conviction style mission objective written “in the world” just like in the screenshot below.

WIN! Splinter Cell Conviction Xbox 360 Bundle & Games

Your photo must contain the Kotaku logo somewhere (not photoshopped). The mission objective can of course be ‘shopped in. The cleverest, funniest, most creative entries will win.

Send your photo in jpeg format no wider than 1000 pixels to the usual address. You’ve got until Sunday, April 18 to get your entry in. No multiple entries, please.

Good luck!

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  • Holy crap.
    I would have been more than happy to combine someones head with a urinal to win this comp… hell i would put my own head in a urinal to win a copy of this game!!!

    …but it’s not required, so i won’t…

    But still, ultimate yayness… i’ve got to start thinking and get damn creative…

  • Damn, how will I get cookie Monster in this one???? Damn beer has killed brain cells… Grrrr

    *Gone to do serious thinking in the office AKA the shitter.

    • I think i still have a small cookie monster plush toy that i won in a skill tester – you could possibly use that? lol

    • what about if you’re interrogating him?!

      picture this…

      dark room. a single light is shinning on a frontal shot of cookie monster. you’re behind him with one arm around his neck and the other arm shoving cookies down his throat. “how do you like your cookies now, mother fudger!!!!”

  • Do we include our contact details within the email? (the Resonance of Fate comp required this)

    I’ve got an idea but I don’t know whether it’s clean enough to be published…

    • Let me guess “help girlfriend obtain climax”

      Cmon people, surely we’re more creative than that!

      save it for playing DOA.. 😛

      • Soo much Chuloopa…
        He’s everywhere!

        And no, it’s not “help girlfriend obtain climax” I’m slightly more creative than that! 🙂

    • holy crap on a biscuit!!!!


      what were the words? “Make anyone working today horribly jealous you have time to submit an entry within one hour of announcement”?

      If so well done on
      a. speed and
      b. being able to fit that many words on the shot…

    • Just as an addition to that, i have so many ideas and cant decide which is better, oh the agony! Serious, funny, ironic, what do i do!
      I can tell this is going to be fun, looking forward to seeing what people come up with

  • is there a height limit for the image size? would be nice to have a portrait image with width of 1000px.

  • am i able to have a computer in the background with the Kotaku site on instead of printing the image?

  • Yes, you are. The purpose in making you put the kotaku logo in there is to ensure that you are taking the picture yourself, and not getting on from somewhere else. So if you had a computer in the background with the logo it should be fine, cause u’ve exhibited that you’ve taken the picture urself.

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