WIN! StarCraft II Beta Access And Swag

Blizzard has kindly handed us five slots in the StarCraft II beta - plus a whole heap of StarCraft related swag - to give away. And that's precisely what we're going to do now.

Beta access? Yes. Five strategically minded Kotaku readers will shortly find themselves beta testing what is surely the biggest PC release of the year.

And one of those five will also win all this swag, rushed to their door at the tap of a keyboard shortcut:

* StarCraft II Raynor n00bz figure * Starcraft II Marine T-shirt featuring art by Scrojo * StarCraft 'Frontlines' Vol. 1 manga from TokyoPop/Madman * StarCraft 'Ghost Academy' Vol. 1 manga from TokyoPop/Madman * StarCraft II ‘Terran Ghost’ poster featuring art by Wei Wang * StarCraft II Zergling Coloisonné pin * I <3 StarCraft magnetic bumper sticker

That is a lot of StarCraft II right there.

To be in the running to win, it's not necessary to bid on an online auction. Instead, we want to see your battle plan.

You must send us a map showing your mission objective - that is, the StarCraft II Beta Access and Swag - and the strategy you're going to undertake in order to secure it. The most creative, wittiest and cleverest entries will win.

Send your plan in jpeg format to the usual address by midnight Sunday, April 25. No multiple entries are allowed and you must supply your account name, postal address and contact number.

Good luck!

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    Possibly a stupid question but am I able to acquire this for Mac?

      From Blizzard's last SC2 Twitter developer chat:

      "Q. Mac beta please! Any information?

      A. We are currently working on a Mac version of the beta and hope to release it sometime in April. Hang in there!! :) "

      The game should be coming to Mac as well as Windows, given Blizzard's 100% support of the Mac OS platform for their games..

        Figures? Beta? Mac support?

        I don't care about the delay, I want this game :P

        Still a tiny bit chuffed over no LAN, though...

        *gets to work on entry*

    And to think I was *just* about to unsubscribe from the Kotaku RSS feed...

    Obviously bunker rush to secure the perimeter around the goods.

    Can people outside of Australia compete?

    What exactly we should do?Draw a picture with path to get a beta key + some text to it?
    and is this open for whole world?

      Entry is open to all Australian residents who visit during the promotional period.

        So that means only Australia...

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