Woman Falls Off Wii Fit, Becomes A "Sex Addict"

Woman Falls Off Wii Fit, Becomes A "Sex Addict"

According to a suspiciously brief newswire report, 24 year-old Briton Amanda Flowers has become a “sex addict” after falling off her Wii Fit board.

It seems that, courtesy of the fall, she’s developed a condition called persistent sexual arousal syndrome (which, we’ll have you know, is a real thing). Now any time Amanda is around anything vibrating or pulsing, like a mobile phone or blender, she becomes, well, aroused.

“It began as a twinge down below before surging through my body”, she says of the onset of an “attack”. “Sometimes it built up into a trembling orgasm”.

Provided this is real (it’s all a bit “bwah?”), that’s a bit of a double-edged sword for poor Amanda. On the one hand, she went from playing Wii Fit to developing a serious condition. On the other, most people that fall off things and get hurt, not a bunch of unprovoked orgasms.

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