World Of Warcraft Movie Still A While Off

Update on the World of Warcraft movie! Last we heard, people were working on scripts. No we hear things aren't even at that stage.

"We've been through a number of story meetings, and we're still kind of getting it together with [director Sam]Raimi and his team and jamming on themes that we want to chase", Blizzard creative chief Chris Metzen tells VG247. We're kinda getting a lot of values together – what kind of story we want to tell, what do we want people to feel, what is the best way to look at this big franchise."

As for how closely the film will align with the game's extensive canon, Metzen says "The games are always going to be the core canon 'franchise' or whatever, but looking at things like Spider-man or X-men or films we've seen over time, especially based on ideas that have been around a long time – since the 60s, or whatever – it's kind of like a new expression. We're still dealing with how 'canon' will [the film]be. And I don't have a great answer for that yet, but I think the game side will always be the core experience of what Warcraft is."

"My intention with the feature is that it is as close as possible to what people have experienced and what they know of our canon, but we'll have to see the way it plays out. And I don't mean that facetiously – we're still trying to figure it out."

Interview: Blizzard's Chris Metzen on the WoW movie, Heart of the Swarm, more [VG247]


    I'm hopeing the movie follows the story of 5 heroes. A tank, a healer and 3 dps. There would be a story but they would also fight varies creatures from the game. I'm thinking the fights would be like they where in Clash of the Titans when they fought the giant scorpions and Medusa.

    what blizzard should do is make the movie then treat it as cannon in the games.. its what they did with the comics and i think it worked quite well..

    tbh the movie cant damage the lore than badly atm any way .. i think i get his angle hope the movie is kick ass and focuses on the iconography and action and wonder of the warcraft world..!

      Agreed. The current state of WoW is retold everytime you log on, and updated with every patch/expansion. I don't need to see the same thing with a cameo by Bruce Campbell (ok that would be kinda sweet). But if they wrote a great NEW story and then made it the basis for a further expansion (or WoW2 at the rate the film appears to be progressing) it'd probably reinvigorate new/renewed subscriptions.

    I love world of warcraft and the anticipation I feel towards this movie is borderline insane, I will watch it 10 times in goldclass when it is released. I feel that following the Arthas timeline of events would be the most fulfilling as it allows them to focus on one major line of story rather than many, which would develop into a multi-billion dollar saga. Having read the books and loving them all, Arthas' story would allow an amazing movie ( hopefully in 3D ) and fit it into a reasonable feature length at the same time. WoW fans rejoice, this will be a killer movie and we all know it.

    I think it should be a humourous parody on Lord Of The Rings. Just like the game.

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