Would You Like A Gold-Dipped Xbox 360?

From the folks who gave the world the gold-dipped PS3 comes the gold-dipped... Xbox 360.

The Xbox 360 and its controller have been plated with 24kt gold. King Midas is pleased.

For those who might be in the market for a golden Xbox 360, know that the jeweler's 24kt PS3 starts at US$4,999. Ballin'.

Comparison shots in the gallery.

Computer Choppers - Exclusive Customizer of 24kt Gold Macbook Pro, 24kt Gold Macbook Air, 24kt Gold iPhone 3G [Computer Choppers]


    wonder how warranty return on that one would go when it inevitably redrings

    gee you'd be pissed if that one was to RROD

    It wouldn't RROD, it'd GOLD ring 'o death, which is even cooler.

    Got to wonder how hot that thing gets.

      Yeah. The gold will start to melt.

        that is if the xbox heats up to 1064°C(melting point of gold.)

    If it was to RROD you'd just buy a new one and replace the guts.. srsly, you are paying for the case, not the junk inside.

    Well i do need a new one, just got my 5th RRoD today. (4 of them on the same consul under extended warranty)

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