X-Com Is Back!

X-Com, the classic 90's turn-based strategy game pitting manking against alien invaders, is set to make a comeback as a first-person shooter, courtesy of the team behind BioShock 2.

The game, in development for the 360 and PC, makes substantial changes to the original series, combining strategic elements not with strategy sections, but with first-person shooter action.


    An FPS? Seriously? What the hell are people thinking?

    Whats next, Archon the 3rd person cover based shooter? "Dance Dance Avatar", a rhythm based Ultima game?

      I was just logging on here to say that same thing. Goddamn people who don't respect the original game. They pulled this same crap with Bard's Tale a few years back too. Turned a great RPG series property into essentially dirt.

      Why don't they just create a new Brand if they are blatantly ignoring what created the original IP? Whether it be story or gameplay

        Bards Tale was awesome and they destroyed it. Turn based strategy games are not considered to be games that sell well. They don't really care about the genre of the original game. Just a way they can cash in on the name of the franchise. Fallout anyone?

          Honestly, I really enjoyed the new Bard's Tale, but I had to completely disconnect it from the RPG I originally played in my youth. It was nice to see something deliberately snarking at all the RPG tropes and I respect it for that.

    I am going to need a towel. Bioshock's atmosphere was fantastic and creepy, I hope they stay with this one instead of what happened with X-com Alliance.

    I dont think they would be able to, But i would love to see them recreate the fear that was the Chryssalid.

    Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.... Zomg please God say it isn't so... Best gameplay EVER now violated by a FPS??

      Haaaah, I feel you mon

    If done right, this could work.
    Mass Effect 2 proved that squad based shooting worked, if you involved the teammates in the tactics.
    It also improved the understanding of what works and what doesn't.
    A squad based FPS, if you can switch squad leaders from mission to mission depending on skills or even switch within the mission would, if done right, maintain the feel of the classic games.

      It could work, but it's still a weird use of the X-Com IP, because people who still remember and care about X-Com are basically looking for a strategy game or open-world game, not another shooter. But there's no reason the Bioshock team couldn't make a great shooter in the X-Com setting.

        And the people who don't know the IP don't care about the name, if they look it up they'll see a turn based strategy with dated graphics and probably be turned off (or disappointed that its not a turn based strategy because they might be sick of an all FPS diet)

      Whether it will work or not,

      I agree that making "Another frickin FPS" with x-com is a terrible terrible idea.

      Instead, if they maintained the turn based system but with a First-person VIEW, then it might be something worth checking out.

      So bottom line...


    What's wrong with developers today? they take every good isometric game and turn them into FPS......I thought Fallout was going to be the last.....

    NO GODDAMIT - why can't they just do a simple HD remake of the original as like an anniversary edition? One of my favourite games of all time and they're turning it into a generic FPS? Bah

    I too am perturbed... but at least it gives me hope that one day they might remake my beloved Syndicate into a tactical FPS? That would be sweet.

      What about a Syndicate MMO?

        That would be fine also... it was rumoured as one EA's secret games, possibly "Project Red-Lime"...

        Do you know something we don't?? RedLime is indeed Syndicate? ;)

          I don't know what you're talking about.

            Perhaps it was your own opinion on what the reboot should be, but I read it as a open question, Would a MMO be better?

            Merely suggesting that if the Syndicate game does eventually come about, industry/media chatter has already pegged it as a MMO?

              I really don't know what you could possibly mean.

                That's cool David, we understand that you can't know everything! :p

                We will still continue to dream of a reboot, perhaps EA will surprise us all at E3 with the news we all want to hear... ;)

    While I have no doubt that the Bioshock guys are going to produce a passable, and possibly excellent, game, I can't help but feel that getting 2K Marin to make a first-person X-COM is a vast under-utlisation of both 2K Marin and the X-COM brand. With so many leveragable licenses around, is this really the one they want to make an FPS of? And isn't X-COM better served by a journey to a platform like Live Arcade or the DS where it can retain its turn-based strategy roots?

    Wah-wah-wah. Oh noes, they are making it not the same as the original.

    Unfortunately, as fun as the original game was, it would not sell today. The turn based game play won't translate well to the market these days.

    I for one am happy to see this franchise come back out of limbo, and I am very glad to hear that it is being handled by 2K.

      sorry cant hear you over advance wars

    Just because parts of the game are FPS does not necessarily mean they will be in the Halo or CoD style. I think the possibilities of a Rainbow 6: Vegas, Ghost Recon or SWAT 3 style FPS, wherein you control a squad with a greater focus on tactics, in the X-COM universe has the potential to be very good indeed.

    As much as I love the original (I still play it), I think that the turn-based squad control would be out of date compared with modern games.

    Also, from what I read into this post "strategic" suggests they are going to keep or translate the research, base-building and intercept functions from the original into the new game. That makes me excited in the pants.

    On the other side, if the nay-sayers are correct and we're getting something that's completely FPS (e.g. Bioshock 3) then I'm jumping on the sky-is-falling bandwagon.

      Did you mean Fallout 3?

    Sounds like they're using the XCOM name just to drag older gamers in to pick it up...

    It can't be as bad as Fallout: Brotherhood Of Steel...

    I'm sure they saw how well X-COM: Alliance was going and they decided to...


    Why don't they bring some turn based goodness to the consoles? RTS isn't really a good fit but a well designed turn-based may be the thing.

    Don't forget there is still the rumour that 2K are working on X-Com as a dual project - an FPS from the BioShock team, and a TBS from Firaxis.
    Hoping this year's E3 will reveal whether this rumour is true or false.

    Yeah! That's awesome! Just this morning I was thinking "wouldn't it be cool if somebody made a shooter where you viewed the action THROUGH THE EYES OF YOUR CHARACTER!!!". That'd just be the best. I can't understand why nobody's made a game like that before.

    But now, AT LAST, somebody is doing it. This game will sell MILLIONS, because it's a such great idea and yet, strangely, there aren't any other games around like that. That's smart business right there, people - look for a gap in the market and fill it.

      Oh, that was sarcasm, btw.

        OH REALLY??! Damn, I never would've realised if you haven't said it explicitly.

    Oh look - more people trying to combine old IP with an unrelated gameplay style. Who are they trying to attract with this crap? If it's a new market they want, why persist in raping old IP that the target market isn't invested in?

    Or maybe they seriously think old XCOM players prefer FPS games now that they've "grown up"? Yeah, that sounds typical.

    There was news that a Syndicate MMO was being made in China last year.

    Incidentally, there's nothing wrong with them taking the FPS treatment to XCOM.

    I mean, you already have Natural Selection for the FPS/RTS hybrid, and UFO Alien Invasion for the redone fan version of the original.

    Would another twist on the cake really hurt you that much? You don't have to eat it, you know.

    No no no no no no no no no no no no

    why, for the love of god, are they doing this? xcom was fine the way it was and it STOOD OUT because of how it played. Another f*cken FPS? F*CK NO.

    It will be nice to have more fps to play that arn't set in WW2.

    It seems people have forgotten this isn't the first time they've tried turning XCOM games into something other than Turn-based strategy. I refer you to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/X-COM:_Enforcer and its space-flight simulator sibling XCOM: Interceptor.

    Most of us have blotted these out because the series for many stopped at Terror from the Deep and for most others at Apocalypse because even that deviated by introducing the RTS option.

    My question becomes how true do they intend to make it to base and resource management? Will there be technologies to gather and explore in a series of missions where we capture alien creatures and their weapons and reverse engineer their secrets? I would love to see an AvP style move where there's an option to be the alien races invading the planet. 2K do have the ability to make excellent FPS games which challenge the mould, they've proven that.

    The question becomes can they do that and remain true to the XCOM franchise? I honestly don't think they can. While XCOM games are about squads of soldiers neutralising an Alien Craft and learning what they can from their invaders to eventually be able to stand up against the coming onslaught, it's about doing that on a worldwide scale. It involves the management of multinational funding and deliberate decisions on where to keep a base so it covers the most people who can afford to fund your operations and allows you access to the most alien interceptions. I can't see the personal experience of an FPS allowing that and the series has failed each and every time they've tried that in the past because the initial premise of the game is reliant on the world banding together to repel aliens.

    There's nothing wrong with a new squad-based FPS about aliens invading the world and I can see how the XCOM Universe is a fit for that, but it only works on one level. The other levels of the XCOM experience get obliterated and we end up with something totally different which won't appeal to fans of the original. I'd much prefer they invented a new IP with a similar premise and sold that, it'd probably be easier than trying to please the fanbase. That said, the XCOM original game fans aren't really 2K's target market. They want to appeal to the people who play their games which are FPS with a twist: Bioshock, Borderlands. No doubt this game will also have a twist and should have an interesting story, but without the international ramifications of failing an alien mission and the funding difficulties in not being able to maintain watch over the world, I won't feel like it's XCOM.

    I think that this could work if done properly. Hopefully they find a nice way to keep the whole base-building, strategy, world defending and management related stuff in with the fps side. Ideally it'd be like the older games but with the UFO capture and city defence missions in first person. Also, need to keep squads.

    While I loved the original the last couple of times they have tried to recreate the isometric gameplay of the original have fallen flat

    I can see this working as a good game using something similar to Mass effect or even republic commando

      I am playing Xcom atm. Reading that they are rebirthing the franchise into another FPS. Arggh, wtf!

      Need help learning to program, so i can do this thing properly in all xcoms brilliance and simplicity.

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