Xbox 360: 40 Million Sold

Earlier today, Microsoft released its latest set of financial earnings, and amidst the boring stuff was a sales figure you might be interested in: the Xbox 360 has now sold over 40 million units.

Launching in late 2005, that has the Xbox 360 selling at just under 10 million consoles a year. Good news for Microsoft, for the most part, but it's tempered by a recent slowdown in sales, which dropped by around 12% compared to this time last year.

That must be a worry as the PlayStation 3 goes from strength to strength in recent months, but then, what happened between 2009 and now is nothing compared to what's going to happen when both system's respective motion control peripherals are released later this year.


    Is it just me, or does the Xbox Guide character thing look a lot like Marvin from the Hitchhiker's Guide movie?

    Additionally, where could I find such a crazy little critter?

      damn you Tom, i can only see Marvin now... like when someone pointed out "bomberman" in Bioshock 2

      I thought that too, I just couldn't remember his name.

      And I too would like to know where to get one.

    I'm not hating on the PS3 cause i've seriously bridged the gap in my mind of being a Xbox fanboy (although i do prefer to game on my 360) - but hasn't the 360, in the US anyway, outsold the PS3 every month. Maybe minus one month or something?

    Heck the PS3 had the top software sales last month in the US yet the 360 still outsold it in the hardware sales by a decent margin, considering their were no exclusives or major games that would be deemed "console sellers".

    Now i know thats only the US and we don't actually get to see monthly console sales here in the Australia (oh and that the 360 sucks in Japan) - but Europe is really 50/50 these days. Both sell quite well and everyone was saying how the 360 would burn with the PS3 price drop but its still going strong their and in the UK.

    Eh my point is, the 360 may be some "trouble?" at the moment compared to the PS3, but looking at hardware sales in the largest gaming market so far in 2010, being in trouble isn't all that bad.

    Just got a 360 elite with forza and ODST today.
    Looking forward to hooking it up transfering my profile from the 360 my brother has 'stolen' from me and finishing bioshock 2.

    40 million sold
    so thats like 15 million replaced due to rrod?

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