Xbox 360 Consoles Now Have USB Memory Support

The calendar says April 6, and that means, as promised, your Xbox 360 consoles now have a little upgrade waiting for you: the ability to save data to removable USB memory drives.

While Microsoft's own first-party USB sticks, due next month, are pricey, it's important to remember that you don't need to use them. You can use any flash drive, so long as you're aware that the maximum amount of data moved or stored is 16GB on any one device.

So go on, have a play around, get those all-important Mass Effect saves off your Xbox 360's overpriced hard disk and put them somewhere a little safer. Let us know how you find it!


    I was so excited about this feature I got 2 old flash drives out and got to formatting them using the two front ports. I cleaned them both up and was ready to go. I had a 4g and a 2g as I have been stuck with a full 20g for so long.

    I formatted one then the other but what was interesting is that I had a 2g and a 16g usb drive.

    It was not for a few minutes after transferring GTA4 and DLC to the 16g drive that I realised my horrible error. I had accidentally reformatted a 320g WD external HDD full of 300+ movies that was still connected to the rear facing USB port. I lost everything!

    What goot me was that the interface does not pick up the device names as a PC would so there was no indication apart from the size but I didn't think about that. Also it only showed 2 drives were connected so i assumed these were the two I just put in...

    Make sure you disconnect all other drives before you play around. Oh the joys of being one of the first to play around with this. I was sooo keen for this feature and paid the price.

    Now how will I ever find out what happened at the end of that Titanic movie???

    This is one feature that I hope the PS3 gets soon, after all the patches and mandatory installs I’ve got less than one gig left on my PS3, so I constantly have to delete game data just to have some wiggle room. If I could put Game data on USB sticks that would clear up like %90 of my PS3 space.

      Huh? What?

      You've had a PS3 for how long??

      Go to your Gave Saves folder in the GAME tab, highlight the game, press Triangle and select "COPY" from the menu. If you have a USB stick installed you have the option to either copy the save game file to the USB stick or to another profile on your PS3. The only reason this WONT WORK is if the game save file is copy prohibited.



        I just re-read what you wrote, you were talking about GAME DATA not GAME SAVES - my bad...

      ...or you could just easily swap out your smaller hard drive for a cheap bigger hard drive and gain heaps of room... it only takes undoing of one screw and doing it back up.. couldn't be easier.

      XBOX guys need this USB transfer because microsoft charge a stupid amount of cash for their Hard Drives! Thankfully Sony let you use standard hard drives =)

    Fatshady use a recovery program.. if youve just reformated you should get most if not all yoru stuff back if u havent copied any new data on afterwards.

    Like someone said in a post earlier about this...

    Is it possible to use something like a 120GB HDD for example and partition it in 16GB frames and use it?

    I don't have high expectations of it happening... but does anyone know yet/tried it?

    Just FYI,

    Woolies (Woolworths Supermarkets) had a 8gb flash drive for $21. Thats pretty cheap if you are like me looking for a large flash drive for next to nothing. What makes this one special is that it actually fits in the rear usb port, which unlike the others that I have tried which do not... just letting you all know!.

    PS, thanks for the recovery idea. I am not too worried. I can get them all again from others but I actually think I am just going to me more selective as I had soo many that I didnt even want to watch.


      OK, scrap that. The USB drive "Failed the data loss test"!!!!

      This is a brand new USB2.0 flash drive. Yeah it is cheap but how complicated do these drives get and how can it fail this test.. of to xbox support pages to sort this out... CRAP!

        Support pages are no help.

        Step 1 - be over 1 GB (Check)
        Step 2 - Be formatted in FAT32 (Check)
        Step 3 - If that doesn't sort out your issue, just go buy another one and hope for the best that it does not happen again.


          i already had a 8gb that i use as my everyday use thumb drive so i didnt want to use it, when i saw your post i went out and got the one from Woolworths and am going to use it as my everyday thumbdrive instead since it wont work with the xbox.

    Has this broken anyone elses 360? Mine is an Arcade w/HDMI.

    The install went fine, the box restarted itself like normal, but it only stays on for about 8 minutes then locks up with black and white patterns across the screen, it was totally fine an hour ago before the update.

    It doesn't matter what I'm doing, playing a game or just browsing the dashboard, it freezes and has to be turned off and on again at the power button on the front.

    It was 100% fine before I did the update! *cries*

      I was gonna update mine tonight. Thanks for the warning, Nova.

        Yeah, I was dumb to adopt early. Should have waited for someone else to bite this particular bullet. :-(

        I got to play GTAIV for about five minutes then it crashed to a green screen. Totally unusable.

        Hope I'm just an isolated case though.

        Now the hunt for the receipt begins...

    it worked fine for me. I've backed up most of my game saves, but these ones wouldn't let me copy them-

    Ace Combat 6
    Dead or Alive Xtreme 2
    Fable 2
    Forza 3
    Perfect Dark Zero
    Rock Band

    Pain in the butt process, you have to manually go into each directory and copy the save file(s). Well, you can select the entire game directory if you want, but then you'll also copy DLC, game installs etc. and I was only using a 1gb stick (only 430mb free after formatting for the 360 Confused ).

    You can also backup downloaded things like themes and pictures, but it won't let you copy Profiles, only move them. bah.

    to those people who have experienced 360 failures i think that it was just a coincidence that your 360 died just after you updated, i have 4 working xbox 360's and all of them are fine after the update, also all the people on my friends list (that i play with) have experienced no problems as well as my real life friends.

      Yeah, I hope you're right and that I was just unlucky. Neighbours 360 (different version, Falcon Arcade with the internal memory) updated fine.

      Time will tell whether this is more than just an isolated case, I just thought I should warn people that I was playing a game, turned the xbox off to take a break, turned it back on again and got the option to update, updated and then it didn't work any more.

      Never had any problems with the box before, kept it clean and well ventilated. Disappointing!

        yer a few months ago my brothers xbox randomly died, cant remember the error number but it was something like a dashboard file corruption that stopped it booting, not a hardware problem, was quite odd.

        anyway about keeping the xbox ventilated i have a fan add on similar to the nyko intercooler but this one came from EB games under their brand, its a little noisy but the air temp coming out the back is only just above room temp, just a slight difference, and i have never experienced any problems with the 360 that is is attached to, i highly recommend getting one.

        have you tried clearing the system cash and playing without the hard drive attached? the last time i spoke to customer support (with a launch xbox) they told me to do that and it fixed the problem, i just had to get a new HDD (but now you don't thanks to the update)

    Ok I copied GTA4 saved data of a 20GB 360 and transferred it to a 8GB usb drive formatted in FAT32 blah blah it worked fine except whenever I try to put game data on my 60GB Pro it tells me data cannot be transferred between profiles....WTF? anyone know what's going on here?

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