Xbox 360 Fans, This Sports Jersey Is For You

The Seattle Sounders, the Major League Soccer team of choice for Xbox 360 fans, today released a new shirt, one that brings the team's strip more in line with the colour scheme of the side's sponsoring console.

It's called "Electricity" (yes, these things have names), with a "Rave Green" trim. Lovely stuff, marketing team, but we see what you're really doing, as the jerseys have now departed from the Sounder's (and Seattle Seahawk's, incidentally) own colour scheme of green and blue and have headed straight for the Xbox 360's preferred tones of green and... hot green. Or yellow. It's so bright it's hard to tell.

360 fanboys predisposed to spending $US90 on console-branded sporting apparel, you can get them from the Sounder's official store.


    These players don't get injured, they get RROD!

    This colour is too light!
    I don't like.

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