Xenosaga Statue Is Like A High Definition KOS-MOS

Epic sci-fi series Xenosaga inspires devotion in its die-hard fans, and KOS-MOS is a Xenosaga character that inspires devotion in their... hearts. Here's a new KOS-MOS figure. But be warned. She is expensive.

Due out later this year, it's actually a statue, hence the extra detail and inflated price-tag over what you'd expect from a standard "figure". It's big - like, 1/4 scale big - but also ¥50,400. Which is, uh, USD$550.

If that's a bit much for you, Xenosaga fans, may we recommend something a little cheaper?


    Whoa! Awesome statue with a gasp-inducing price to match. I finished Xenosaga 2 not long ago. But I think X 3 never had a PAL release. Anyone know if that's true?

      Unfortunately, it true.
      Either get an American PS2 or get magicswap or something like that and import the US version. It is worth it.

      Unfortunately it's true. If you want to play it, you'll have to find some place that is selling the US version.

    If your self-esteem can survive owning that thing: Go ahead.

    Unfortunately for this garage kit your gonna have to paint it and some minor assembly is required. It is possible to obtain ones that are painted already for you but will be more expensive.

    Though there's already going to be another release of the kit with a different weapon but will come prepainted this time. Certainly over $640+ and an event exclusive.


      Nah it isn't a garage kit, The Volks folks (?) is selling the final painter version for the above price. The garage kit was around US$400 or so.

      They also have a 2nd version, with the sword and Kos-Mos having blue eyes :)

    If its that big, then at least you can fap on it...

    I cant believe I said that.

    That looks amazing!! Unfortunatly the boss wouldn't allow it on my desk, and the Mrs wouldn't allow it at home :P

    Yum tho ;)

    Not enough barrels on that gun. It's supposed to have 4 3-barreled chainguns on it, and she's supposed to dual-wield them. Then you FINALLY have enough dakka!

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