Yes, It's SingStar... The Wiggles

And yes, it's real. It's out next month on PS2 and coming to PS3 later in the year.


    This seems strange to me. The music is aimed at toddlers who most likely can't yet read the on-screen lyrics. I guess they already know all the words though.

      Edu-tainment? It seems like everyone believes children should be able to read before they can speak these days, so this should be a hell of a success.

      Maybe there will be in-game tutorials to teach toddlers their ABC ;)

      also, if you've ever listened to a kid singing along to ANYTHING you'll know that no matter what you tell them, they always just scream out a noise that sounds the closest to what they're hearing.

      ...That being said it would be hilariously entertaining to see kids bawling their eyes out after failing "dorothy the dinosaur" 18 times on expert. lol

        The killer riffs of "play your guitar with Murray" on expert eh? Oh wait it's Singstar, not Rockband!

    Toot Toot Chugga Chugga Big Red Cash Cow

    HELLS YEAH!!! Riding in my big red car (BIG RED CAR!)

    I'm actually astounded it hadn't already been released.

    Why would anybody NOT want this!? It's the motherfucking Wiggles, man. Pimp ass, hoe ridin, diamond winnin, soul jockey motherfuckers.

    I'll be buying twelve copies.

    WAKE UP JEFFF i'm going to miss the bus =[

    It nice to see aussie music group get recognised with a full game!

    you may laugh but when my son was just starting to read I was surprised at how well he did with singstar and I think it actually helped him. As he already knew a lot of words seeing it in written form at the same time had to have helped.

    I only wish this came out a few years ago when they were at wiggles age.

    The lyrics are for the adults playing along with the child ;-) Not that I need lyrics, I'm a veteran of 15 DVDs and 3 live concerts. I'll be lining up to buy it though so my kids will stop bugging me to play singstar when they don't know any of the songs!

    Game of the Year.

    C'mon Dave!!! Where's the 'shoeless' Wiggle Promo picture? Go back and have a look :)

    If I'm being honest I would be more likely to pick up this than Guitar Hero: Aerosmith.

    Actually that's Greg, the original Yellow Wiggle..

    Sam is his replacement, so technically yes, that is the real yellow wiggle..

    Can YOU spot the person with kids??


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