Yes, There Are Actually Pokemon Batteries

Just what Japan needs: More Pokémon stuff.

Whether it be Pocket Monster branded school buses or any of the endless heap of merchandise, Japan loves its Pocket Monsters.

On May 25, these Maxell Pocket Monster batteries go on sale in The Land of the Rising Sun. Thunder Pokémon Raikou and thunderbolt Pocket Monster Electivire appear on the dry cell batteries, while Pikachu and Piplup appear on the packaging.


    I have to say this, Pokemon is the most overrated Nintendo franchise in History. In general, I think we are seeing with the Wii than Nintendo have perhaps come to the end of their ideas. Their reluctance to bother making the Wii at least output to 720p, shows that they are just trying to make money with pointless ideas, and not listening to their gamers (myself included who would love to have High def Mario, but because Nintendo won't bring out a HD Wii, I will NEVER buy another of their products. Pokemon also shows this, just keep milking something for all it's got. End rant.

    I may be 27 but I still feel that I need these.

    i got pokemon batteries with my pokemon gameboy years ago... not new

    I still like the pack-in batteries that came with my Ultimate Bumblebee better.

    I'd buy them if they were at my store locally. What about Charazard lighters? or Bulbasaur fertilizer?

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