You Are Still Horrified By Metro 2033

You Are Still Horrified By Metro 2033
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Metro 2033 is a pretty scary game. We asked you to show us exactly how scared it makes you. Here are some more of your pics.

Why are we doing this? Well, recently we ran a competition where you could win a whole bunch of Logitech gear just by showing us your Metro 2033 fear face. The winners would be the ones who looked the most horrified. The entries below are not quite the most horrified, but they were my favourites of those who didn’t win. (Yes, there’s a cookie monster in there somewhere.)

Oh, and we’ll be announcing the winners of all that Logitech gear later this afternoon!


  • awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww… i didn’t win! haha

    what a tease, to show, first, all the people that didn’t infact win!

    For anyone curious mines the bottom middle one – troy c.

    Always good to see the cookie monster though haha. My personal faves go to Matt C, Tommy D and Jack G. Great stuff. “and i’m Russian… comrade” haha genious.

    Always glad to get an honorable mention at least lol.

    Thanks Kotaku. Can’t wait to see the winning entries!

    • Bad luck loopster! Soon we will both win the Kotaku headquaters in a soon to be annouced ultimate competition where we even take over ownership of Dave. You take him mon wed fri, ill have him tues, thurs and saturday. Whomever has a username beginning with Q and a Cookie Monster fetish will take him on Sundays. Seems fair yes?

      • We could just take half of him each on a Sunday, then piece him back together for the Monday – i think that’s fair.

        If video games have taught me anything, it’s that we’ll be able to put him back together easily and he’ll be as good as new (if not better!)

  • Huraah for the Cookie! All obey his new found wealth of logitech gear!!! Oh, wait, hang on… Damn, lost again! Oh well, he will make an appearance in an upcomming art heist for his next outing. Surely he has a chance sooner or later, then onto world domination and cookies will become the worldwide food staple of choice. Yes there will be cookies topped with lettuce for the weight conscious, I’m not that evil. 😉

  • Mine isn’t in there. So either it’s good and I’m in the winning lot, or it’s so bad it isn’t even in these.

    I’m not entirely sure which it will be.

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