You Guys Are Going To A ModNation Racers Community Event

You Guys Are Going To A ModNation Racers Community Event

Super quick post, this one. Just want to let you all know which Kotaku readers will be attending the ModNation Racers community event tomorrow night.

They are: Anton B, Billy C, Chris G, Nate, Patrick, Peanut, Simon I, tallkid123, Tomasz and Will Higgins.

I’ll be in touch today to get you all the details.

Winners, please check your email and get back to me ASAP.


  • Sounds like a hoot! I cant wait to give this game a whirl. Man, I loved that old game, Stunts I think it was called on PC. Trackmania was cool too, but with this I can kick back on the couch, and play with my recently modified PS3 controller. *way off topic* It was actually modded to make those stupid joysticks be less slippery with my clutzy thumbs. The mod was carried out by my daughters idiot dog, whom I now feel guilty for yelling at. He removed the rubbery grips off the thumb pads, and added some rough texture to the under plastic. Now my thumbs don’t slip off!
    Clever puppy!

    Oh wait, modnations… Yell at those sony exec’s to bring this down to melb next week!!! Oh and congrats! 😀

  • Protest! Protest! :p

    “Road Trippin’ with my two favourite allies / Fully loaded with snacks and supplies”

    It’s good enough to be the ModNation theme song! :p

    Oh well, back to the writing board for the next comp… here I come Iron Man 2 vs AC/DC!!

    Congratulations to all the people that won though! 🙂

  • Yeah I Just Found Out That I Won But Its A Bit too Late For me To Make It To Sydney I am All the way in Brisbane so yeah i am kinda stuffed does anyone wanna swap for my tickets for the copy of the game when you get or something ?

      • Yeah I Know I tried My Best To Get There But I Got A No Go It Sucks Maybe One Day If Keep Working On My rap I Will Have Alot more money But If I Know If I was There You Would Not Be Able To Get of The Ground Be Laughing So Hard That You Think coff Up a Lung

  • Awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome

    I’ve just arranged to skip a work shift tomorrow to go this 😀 😀 😀 😀

  • Thanks heaps to Kotaku last night for getting myself and the others access.

    It was my first time go-karting and while I wasn’t particularly any good, I’d consider going again!

    Also, Sony are quality hosts.

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