Your First Look At Gears Of War 3

While we already know Gears of War 3 is on its way in April 2011, the game made its public debut earlier tonight on the Jimmy Fallon show, giving us our first 73-second look at the blood-riddled Xbox shooter.

As you can see in the teaser trailer shown, Gears of War 3 introduces a number of new elements to the series, such as double-barrel shotguns, big tentacled bad guys and female soldiers.

The trailer looks fine, but what I like best is how well Dude Huge comes across on TV. Very presentable! We'll get you a high quality of the trailer as soon as one is made available, but for now, make do with this direct footage from Clifford Bleszinski's appearance on the show (the trailer starts about 2 minutes in). When pressed for an exact release date, Bleszinski told Fallon it would be out "probably April 8".

"Gears of War 3" Video Game World Premiere Trailer: "Ashes to Ashes"


    Due out in April 2010!? That is one fast development cycle!


      He means April 2011 =)

    You mean its on its way April 2011 (I would be suprprised if its out in the next 15 days ;))

      Looks pretty dark. Hope it keeps going that way.

    Dude Huge? Dont you mean douche? Im sorry... I just dont like Cliffy B (LOL). Thinks hes so rad.

      "Douche", "Rad" - And you cast the first stone?

    they better fix the MP?

      Why? Mp horde mode rocked. MP in general was fantastic in gears 1 and 2.

        Yes it was......In Gears 1.
        In gears 2 the multiplayer would have been great if it had the same hosting function as 1 did

    Wow... this might be worth getting. FPS' aren't always my thing, in fact the only ones I've actually loved are the Halo games, but this might be interesting enough to catch my eye. Either way, it looks like a great game for those who liked GoW and GoW2.

    And regarding the female soldier... good job, guys! Now, let's just hope she's got more than 1 dimension to her :P

    (That was a comment about personality, not about wanting her... longer)

      Gears of War is not an FPS... why do people always categorise it as such?

        Because 3PS just sounds stupid.

        And if you want proof: F.3.A.R.

          That's why we use the tag "shooters" instead.

    Heh... Gears 2 was fun, but I don't think I even touched the online. Kind of a waste for a $100 title. Maybe I need to promise myself if I get this I'll play it online.

      Gears 1 online was fun but Gears 2 Horde mode online was ok, but when you had a mate there, playing it with you, thats when it *really* shone.

    Good to know they are like... changing it up a little and just not... adding an extra layer or slime to every building and object in the game.

    But yeah... i don't hate Cliff - i just always think of Dane Cook when i see him and that isn't a good thing!

    Who knows when did Gears of War 3 start developement?

    Looks like it's set some time after Gears 2. As for the female COG, is that Anya?

    Also if you haven't read the Gears novels they are a good read. Especially the second one set directly after Gears 2. The flashbacks leading up to the destruction of Sera by hammer strikes is done really well.

      It is Anya. I can't remember where I read it, might've been IGN, but the article said Anya "was a pencil-pusher" but now she's a playable COG. This game looks very nice. It's the only series I've ever been jealous that's not on PS3. I'd say Mass Effect as well, but that's on PC. The story is probably one of the best for shooter games. This is gay, however, as we have to wait a whole year. GODDAMN IT! ONE YEAR IS A YEAR TOO MANY!

        Yep, it's Anya.

        That's CliffyB's Twitter, Dom with the beard and Anya as the COG :)

    Gay traditionally means 'happy,' but in Modern English it also means homosexual. This meaning is more common now. The word gay describes a person who is naturally attracted and romantically interested in people of the same sex instead of the opposite sex. This means males who like other males or females who like other females.

    NotoriousR, please the next time you express your dissapointment, can you try and choose a better word than "Gay"

    As for Gears of War, I thought the first two games were overated and the story telling really was pretty average!

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