Your First Look At Steam Running On A Mac

Valve's PC gaming platform and online store, Steam, is coming to Apple's Mac. And while it's not yet available to Joe Everyman, some people are already messing around with it, giving us our first look at it in action.

And, surprise! It looks just like it does on PC. Only, it's running on a Mac desktop, instead of a PC.

The settings and options all look as you'd expect, but the one thing we really want to see - the full list of games available at launch - isn't there. Bummer.

Oh, and some advice: hit mute before watching.

First Screenshots of Steam for Mac [Update: Video] [MacStories]


    Pretty sure Steam looses a good chunk of appeal when 90% of the library can no longer played.

      But, seriously, how long will it take to adapt?
      ALthough, yes, it's a shame alot of the non-valve games won't make the transfer.

      Last time I checked, no games are being deleted, but new versions of some are added. All games that are playable now on PC will still be playable, just not all on Mac.

      I honestly don't see how this LOSES appeal...

        90% of the time im on steam im playing non steam games...sure valve games r great, but gaming is bigger than valve?! didnt this issue come up when steam first launched with cs

    Heheheh it's the music mac people listen to!

    I agree with Korwin, but it's a step, eventually we might get OpenGL only XD *shakes fist at DX*

      DX will never leave us for good reason.

    Even if you can't play most of the games it still is a great thing for people who want to play games on their mac.

    I've never understood the purpose of a Mac existing in the first place.

    Wow.. only a Macfag would set a video about the most badass PC gaming platform to a Travis song..

    I for one cannot wait to dish out a beating to the Mac gamers.. *snicker*.. on TF2..

      Because no one using a mac has ever played TF2 from say, a dual booted XP install.

    I love macs. I am a PR consultant. I have aqua coloured window blinds. Im a very boring person. I dont play steam, I just enjoy listening to Travis.

    Somehow it looks even cooler on a mac

      It's the same look as the current Windows Beta client I thought?

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