Your Gears Of War 3 Reveal Has Been Bumped By Justin Bieber

Tomorrow was supposed to be the day that Gears of War designer Cliff Bleszinski was to appear on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to debut the new Gears of... Epic's new game. There's been a change of plans.

Mr. Huge will now appear on the late night talk show next Monday, April 12, game reveal still in hand, large plastic Lancer assault rifle still left at home. Late Night with Jimmy Fallon producers blame the bump on a scheduling conflict, the capable and equally dreamy pop star Justin Bieber appearing in his stead.

That might lead one to conclude that Justin Bieber is responsible for the delay in giving us a peek at the new... whatever it is that Epic Games is working on, currently rumoured to be Gears of War 3.

Bieber!!! *shakes fist*

While the postponement is unfortunate, at least we'll get to see Cliff rub elbows with actor Alan Cumming on Monday's episode. Oh, the flirtation will most definitely be delicious.


    well im for one glad that cliff is cutting those nasty dangerous locust trees.

    i mean if he doesn't who will protect us ?

    So, what? A profitable, professional and popular media company is bumped back because of a 16 year old squeak-toy who refuses to go through puberty, yet still thinks he is gangstah?

    Let’s see what’s more culturally relevant, a game that is loved by millions all over the world or the flavour of the month tween heartthrob that will undoubtedly fade into nothingness once his 15 mins of fame are up?. I’ll give Jimmy credit though, he at least throws in a video game joke every time we have a high profile game release.

    I have only heard his kids song/video once... already I am sick to death of hearing about him...

    His song is crap, so please let's all hope he will fade away as soon as possible...

      * - This kids song

        'his kids song' sounds better.. like its a nursery rhyme or something

    This Bieber fella, he's kind of exploded in the last 6-12 months right?

    Who the hell is he?

      More like six to twelve weeks.

      I suggest Cliffy get that Lancer out of storage and do some public service.

      Part of me wonders who the hell he is as well. Most of me doesn't care. Yet everywhere I go online its wall-to-wall "Justin Bieber" headlines. I've ignored Bieber related trending topics, hyper links, forum posts and youtube comments. I thought Kotaku would be a Bieber-free-zone but even this haven is not immune to the omnipresent Bieber.

    I wonder if Cliff was screaming "Baby baby baby baby baby baby!" when that picture was being taken.

      This is one of the most hilarious things I've ever read.

    More interested in a new Unreal game personally...

    Personally i dont like the kids music, and i don't think he contributes anything new to the pop genre (though neither do a lot of artists) But remember folks, he's just a kid having fun. settle down fellas.

    You guys are so mean to Justin Beiber! Give her a chance!

    Wow, I just skim-read that article and read the last line: "Cumming on Monday’s episode. Oh, the flirtation will most definitely be delicious."
    ...without seeing the "we’ll get to see Cliff rub elbows with actor Alan-" before it.
    That weirded me out for a bit.

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