You've Been On These Splinter Cell: Conviction Missions

To win a Splinter Cell: Conviction Xbox 360 console bundle or one of five copies of the games, we're asking you to undertake a mission, Sam Fisher-style. You've got until Sunday to enter, but let's take a look at those agents who have already returned.

Thanks to Ubisoft we have a Splinter Cell: Conviction Xbox 360 console bundle up (that's an Elite plus the game, as pictured) for grabs, along with five copies of the game on Xbox 360 for the runners-up.

How do you enter?

Well, we considered asking you to sneak your way into somewhere, but breaking and entering might not necessarily be in the realms of legality. Then we thought about getting you to "mark and execute" just like Sam Fisher, but again our lawyers advised us against it.

So instead we want you to send us a photo with a Splinter Cell: Conviction style mission objective written "in the world" just like in the screenshot above.

Your photo must contain the Kotaku logo somewhere (not photoshopped). The mission objective can of course be 'shopped in. The cleverest, funniest, most creative entries will win. Send your photo in jpeg format no wider than 1000 pixels to the usual address. You've got until this Sunday, April 18 to get your entry in. No multiple entries, please.

Here's a few entries we've already received, plucked entirely at random. Think you can do better?

Good luck!

[Terms and Conditions]


    Take out the trash LOL,

    Hope I get time to make an entry. These are pretty damn good.

    Sunday is so soon!

    Very much LOL at C4... and the others are sw33t too (:

    Is there a "thanks for your entry" e-mail or anything? I entered on the first day but can't be certain it didn't land in your spam folder as I haven't heard anything back.

      No there isn't, but I did get yours.

    the logo made up of rocks is really clever, nice work!!

    COOKIE MONSTER!! we meet again.

    on a more serious note...

    for people like me who are anal and need the correct font, i just stumbled on one that, i reckon, could be the one used in the game!

    If my entry isn't there, does that mean that it won :) ?

    Q-Bo... i have never met you, but i feel it's safe to say, i freakin love you man! Best cookie monster entry yet! This could be the one mate!

    Awesome entries so far guys!

    Ben - if yours doesn't win anything, it would be a crime - that is sheer brilliance

      Awwww shuks! It actually took ages to get him lined up to steal the picture, (I used a projector to do it, but it is mounted, so to use the wall with the painting on it, it was at 45 degrees, so the original pic had to be distorted so he would come out looking alright. Also, it was a great chance to let my daughter play with knives!! :D Great challenge tho! :)

      I love the bridge one, rockery K's ftw!

    come on top left pic!!

    So does due Sunday mean 11:59pm Sunday night or 11:59pm Saturday night?

      As per the T&Cs: "The promotion commences 10.00am AEST on April 5, 2010 and closes at 11.59am AEST on April 18, 2010 ("the Promotional Period"). All entries must be received by 11.59am AEST April 18, 2010 to be eligible."

        Thanks for the clarification!

    Hey Mr Wildgoose, the entry from [email protected] is actually mine, having two accounts I think I sent it from the wrong one... do I need to resend it from my other account or is it ok to keep it like that?

      Clarification: Two EMAIL accounts, not two kotaku accounts.

    Wow! These are some of the best entries to any contests Kotaku's ever had! Brilliant work everyone!

    Perhaps - perhaps- my favourite is the Download Important Documents one, but all of them are hilarious in a variety of ways.

    Good entries thus far. I am sad I will not be home to create my entry in time.

    For the record it was to be of a toilet bowl and the application of toddler urination training target with appropriate instructions around the bowl.

    Really awesome entries so far, now your all making me feel insecure about mine :D
    The C4 and Ironing ones are my favourites so far.

    Awesome. I made it on here with the messy house to be cleaned before wifey got home. Actually a true story. Was working from home and had not cleaned the house yet. Loved the other os one actually.

    I fired off my entry earlier this evening. :)
    It'd be cool to win a 360 so I can actually play Conviction, since Ubi feel the need to ruin the PC version with their horrendous DRM scheme! :(

    Sent mine off, hope I don't get accused of being a fanboy because of it! Ha! Loving these compos, enjoying every minute of them, good luck all and great work. We’re a creative bunch here in Australia.

    I did my first entry last night I spose we will see how it goes hey :-) hopefully i'I get something lol we will see.

    I sent ours in! :)

      OOOOO!!! A twosome!

      ...i swaer to gawd that if one of you has cut the others throat i'll be calling bad taste :p

    Just submitted my entry, here's hoping :)

    ROFL i just looked at the burn the bridge one lol the K is literally in the rocks lol

    Who won??? the suspense is killing me.

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