Zeno Clash's XBLA Release Is Delayed

Perhaps you noticed that today Zeno Clash: Ultimate Edition was supposed to release on Xbox Live Arcade. Perhaps you noticed that it did not. "It's been pushed back a tad," says the developer.

"Sorry about that to everyone," wrote Andres Bordeu on the ACE Team forums. "It should come out early April. Atlus will be releasing more info through one of the next press releases. Just a little more patience, it'll be out really soon. As soon as we have new info we'll post it somewhere here."

The open world fighting game's Ultimate Edition adds new attacks, weapons, enemies and a new game mode. There is no word yet on pricing, but based on the price tag of its PC version, it could be around 1200 Microsoft Points.

Zeno Clash on XBLA Release Date? [ACE Team Forums via Eurogamer]


    This was an awesome PC game.

    It's amazing what they did with the Source engine. Quite an achievement I must say.

    Im looking forward to playin this on the box. Very unique game from all Ive seen.

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