120 Metal Gear Solid Discs, But With A Catch

Metal Gear Solid for the PlayStation 1 is a two disc game. If you could have 120 discs, which would you want disc 1 or 2? You can only have one!

Disc 2 it is! An eBay seller is not giving away 120 MGS disc 2 discs, but selling them. Yours for US$499.95. Why? Who the hell knows.

Metal Gear Solid was released on the PS in 1998.

Disc 2 is Part of 2 | Rare Video Games [GameSniped]



    what no covers? no way!

    can anybody say pointless?

    What on Earth? This just boggles the mind, what the...

    I think the important question is - how the hell did he get that many copies of the 2nd disc

    Can't remember how MGS worked but I would go with 1 just because it's more likely to give you *some* of the game. Then again I suppose if you have a good save file (or get one from the internet) 2 might be more fun...

    So I wonder if a bulk lot of disc 1's will go on sale next week?

    $600 Aussie dollars... thats really only 6 maybe 7 games that are brand new.

    Is he even making a profit in the long run off gathering all these copies - IF they are legit copies?!

    Disc 2 had very little game on it. Most of the space was actually taken up by live footage of the alaskan wilderness. Disc 1 had the majority of the game all the way up to the furnace area. So unless you really need to finish the game, if I had a choice, I'd go for Disc 1.

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