13 Extraordinary Halo Reach Screenshots, Shot By Gamers

13 Extraordinary Halo Reach Screenshots, Shot By Gamers

Halo Reach, like Halo 3 before it, has an in-game screenshot tools. Play the game. Watch an interactive playback of what you did. Move the cameras. Snap your shots. In just one day, gamers have taken some amazing shots.

See more for yourself at the Halo Reach section of Bungie.net. Bear in mind, all of these images are in-game. They were not manipulated outside of Reach.


  • “extraordinar” these are some generic screens of spartans how the hell are they amazing in any way shape or form.

  • Second last one needs the caption “yo”.

    Other than that, some pretty funny screenshots. Fairly cool.

      • I should say up front I’m a severely addicted Halo fanboy right down to my Halo Legends Bluray and Grunt action figure on my 30th birthday cake, but I’m baffled by this attitude that Halo has ‘run it’s course’.

        So many other franchises have run strong with more installments and less innovation than Bungie (and Microsoft) have put into each iteration of Halo. Call of Duty rings a bell.

        I guess I just don’t think it’s really a hate-worthy franchise. But I am a fanboy.

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