A Black Widow Of Your Very Own

A Black Widow Of Your Very Own

Collectible company Hot Toys wasn’t going to let an Iron Man 2 licence go by without at least one figure based on the film’s aesthetic highlight: Scarlett Johansson in a tight, tight jumpsuit.

Sure, they’ve done one for Iron Man, and one for War Machine too, but those are dude’s in suits. That’s easy. Having to capture the human form, that’s a little harder, and while Black Widow’s body looks as it should, the face just looks a little…off. I think it’s the open mouth. Like it was the world’s tiniest, most intricately-detailed Scarlett Johansson blow-up doll.

If you’re not put off by a slack-jawed superhero, this will be out towards the end of year, stand around 28cm tall (1/6 scale) and will cost a lot.


  • I find the Actress who plays Pepper much more attractive then Scarlett (though Scarlett is pretty hot). Why can’t they make a Pepper doll?

  • Hmmm, she has such a severe look on her face. Not a fan of this one unfortunately 🙁 Still lusting after the old Iron Man 1 Tony Stark with his prototype jet propulsion glove & boots (with Buddy and Butterfinger!!). Now that one is hawt ^_^

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