A Closer Look At The No More Heroes Lingerie Line

A Closer Look At The No More Heroes Lingerie Line

Following yesterday’s Daily Sport article on the first collection of video game inspired lingerie, Rising Star Games delivers a set of pictures giving us a much clearer, more colourful look at the No More Heroes 2 Collection.

Now that we’re getting a chance to compare the Sylvia, Shinobu and Naomi outfits to renders of their in-game counterparts, you can see that the designers at Bedtime Flirt did a pretty nice job of capturing, if not the exact details, the spirit of the characters’ outfits, especially in Shinobu’s case.

Though, Sylvia’s purse is totally wrong, as am I, when the first thing I notice about a picture of a pretty woman in her underwear is the colour of her purse.

“No More Heroes 2 is the only game which suits a lingerie collection,” says Bedtime Flirt designer Joanna Robinson. “We’ve assembled a collection which is as stylish as the game, and will hopefully prove as fun. It’ll be interesting to see which of the three characters proves to be the most popular.”

The pictures came along with an invitation to request press samples. I don’t think any of us wants to see what comes of that. We’ll pass.


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