A Heartwarming Look At Arc Rise Fantasia

Imageepoch's Arc Rise Fantasia is coming to the Wii in June courtesy of Ignition Entertainment, who's passed along this exclusive look at the characters and environments of the turn-based role-playing game.

The Meridian Empire is best by flocks of Containment Dragons, strange creature filled with poison that can contaminate entire regions should they explode. L'Arc is a mercenary sent to help defeat the dragons before they reach the capital city of Diamant. Hijinks ensue and soon L'Arc finds himself part of a RPG party, doing RPG things. There's summoning involved.

At least the beginning of the story is unique enough, I suppose, though it remains to be seen (by North American audiences at least) how far the game strays from standard JRPG mechanics and themes.

At least it's pretty, and there are experience levels involved, which fits my criteria for trying anything.


    I must say that it does look nice and all.

    But i can't help but wonder how dated this formula is. Honestly it just looks like umteen-thousand other JRPG's out there. I mean how many times can you play somehting that looks the same, sounds the same and plays the same, yet has a different title.

    Mind you, these concerns i have in my mind won't stop sales going through the roof in japan. Nor will it stop western die hards strapping it to their chests in suicide-bomber-esque displays of psychotic affection.

    I'm all for JRPG's... but they need to evolve a little too...

    Generic. Generic, generic, generic. Just because the Wii is somewhat starved for traditional style JRPGs (although it's a lot better off than the Gamecube was) that doesn't mean they need to be the same bland stuff we've been eating for the past decade and a half. I know the classic stories need to be retold to the new generations of gamers, but couldn't they at least try to evolve them a bit more?

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