A Look Inside The Arcade Scene Of Kuwait

For the world traveller and fighting game aficionado, consider Kuwait on your next globetrotting adventure in search of new competitors. Yousef's still-growing guide to the arcades of the Middle Eastern state illustrate a love for the one-on-one brawler.

The Kuwait arcade scene may not be as bustling as Japan's, but despite the odd dud, it's nowhere near as depressing as North Korea's game centres. Fighting games like Street Fighter IV, the Tekken and The King of Fighters dominate, but the odd Strider, Metal Slug and Virtua Tennis offer options.

Our Kuwaiti arcade guide Yousef A-H deems White Tower the place to be if you're a serious fighting game fan. Peruse his primer on the arcade scene in the state for, well, an uncommon look at your Tekken competition.

Kuwait's Arcade Cab Database [Yousef's Kuwait]


    I haven’t been to an arcade in about 10 years. Are they even still around?, I know a few are in the city but I just don’t see them anymore. I remember sneaking into the House of the dead 2 arcade (it was behind a curtain because it was apparently too gory) after spending $2 to play I realised that i just couldn’t get scared by something so unintentionally hilarious.

    I remember my friend had the greatest tactic to play all day at an arcade for free. All you do is find someone playing a fighting game, go up to them and press the player 2 button, this instantly takes you to versus mode, after you fight, that guy goes back to the arcade mode and you move on. He figured it out by watching a guy handing people their arses in king of fighters for about 2 hours using this exact method.

      It isnt really, not in australia or most of the western world, however in the asian countries it is still a very large thing. But i mean, that might have to do with the fact that they still get new kinds of arcade machines(and some fucking awesome simulator style ones that ive seen) where as the western world doesnt.

      Arcade employees will get on to that sort of thing fast and probably kick him off sooner or later.

      Still, the only thing I'd bother with at the arcades are the claw machines and fighting games. I remember pulling out 5 little plush dogs from one machine in a row because one of the workers positioned them in a way where I could clench their backside without them falling through the grips.

      That and the claw didn't vibrate once it had fully contracted to the top of the machine.

      As for fighting games, what's the point of playing at the arcades when you can just buy the game on console and purchase a decent quality arcade stick. Problem solved.

        Yea, I think the rise of the home console meant the death of arcades. It’s not the 90s anymore, where the graphical and gameplay difference between consoles and arcades was noticeable (I actually played killer instinct in arcades because it was so much better than the one on SNES). The only thing people play at arcades last time I went was Street fighter and Dance Dance Revolution. One of those is worth playing, the other is makes you look like a tool.

          I like it how you don't particularly specify which game is bad and which one isnt ;)

          The problem with arcades is that you have to repeatedly spend money after possibly waiting for your turn to play. And by the time any tickets/tokens you accumulate is worth something, you wouldn've paid 2x its original value's worth in games.

          Arcades shouldn't die out as there are some games that can't be experienced otherwise. I just want a cheaper alternative really... As do we all, I think.

    guy with the yellow collar looks like Carlton from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

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