A Lovely New Selvaria Bles For The Valkyria Chronicles Fan

Too few chesty Valkyria Chronicles statues on display in your bedroom, workplace or dungeon lair? Japanese figure maker Alter's take on Selvaria Bles will remedy that!

We've already seen Alter's top heavy Selvaria in prototype form, but here it is in its near final form, ready to pre-order. This is 10,290 yen worth of finely sculpted PVC, which would set you back about $US110 USD if you import.

Ogle the pics below to see if it's worth it.


    Dang. Too many figures coming out at the moment that I want to pick up!

    Damn you, Alter! I'm not supposed to want figures! I want to stay a normal person!

    According to some of the usual figure stores, the RRP actually seems to be ¥9800 - not ¥10,290 - and it can be found for much less than that anyway. e.g. ¥7850 from AmiAmi.


    Also: forget Selvaria, I want some good Alicia figures!

      Give me Rosie any day.

        Marina does it for me.

          Sorry for the double post but I feel I need to clarify: "does it for me" only in so much as I think she's the coolest of the cast.

    Her umbrella/lance detaches as a tampon.

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