A Mario Ending You *Might* Not Have Seen

A Mario Ending You *Might* Not Have Seen

It’s 2010. Hopefully by now you have beaten 1985’s Super Mario Bros. If not, please get off my lawn and go away. If you have, continue onward to spoilers!

In 1986, a special, limited-edition version of Super Mario Bros. was given away by Japanese radio program All Night Nippon. The game is a hybrid of the original Super Mario Bros. engine, Famicom disk game Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels and the celebrity personalities of All Night Nippon.

When you beat Super Mario Bros., you get this ending:

But when you beat the All Night Nippon version, you get this poem:

“Peace is paved

With kingdom saved

Hurrah to Mario

Our only hero

This ends your trip

Of a long friendship”

And then this screen.

The All Night Nippon ending is way better than the abrupt Super Mario Bros. ending. Way better.

[Back of the Cereal Box via Fuck Yeah Famicom via Tiny Cartridge]


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