A Minimalist Perspective On Street Fighter's Characters

Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, but three is a trend in design. Kode Logic joins the minimalist movement in video game design with this five-poster tribute to the iconic cast members of Street Fighter.

Ryu and Ken were featured in this roundup of minimalist faces late last year; the franchise didn't make it into a subsequent take on torsos.

Thanks to Lewis W. for the tip!

Minimalist Street Fighter [Super Mega Podcast Bros]


    Theres a sixth one too, Daigo.
    You can find them in his Deviant Art gallery:

      Also a Zangief and E. Honda. Somehow even minimalist Zangief is vaguely disturbing.

    That's not how you spell Balrog.

      High fives. Gotta love the inexplicable Moniker Musical Chairs they played with the bosses...

    Heh, I love seeing these :)

    Would be better if there were versions without the names so people could guess, though :P

    I don't quite get the Ryu one, I can't help seeing crotch hair sneaking up out of his belt D:

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