A Wintry Wampa Wonderland For Star Wars: The Old Republic

A Wintry Wampa Wonderland For Star Wars: The Old Republic

Just in time for the 30th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back, BioWare reveals the frozen wastes of Hoth as the next playable planet in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Hoth was the scene of the opening battle in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes back, in which the Imperial forces invade a hidden Rebel base, driven by Darth Vader’s obsession with his son Luke. I suppose I should have spoiler alerted that bit. Oh well.

In the time of The Old Republic, Hoth is a hotly contested planet. A large-scale war between the Republic and Imperial fleets left the planet littered with the wreckage of some of the most technologically advanced ships in existence, and the planet now hosts a three-way struggle for salvage between the two factions and space pirates.

The background doesn’t really matter much here though. This is how visits to Hoth will go down.

Player A: “You know, this looks like a great place for a hidden base.”

Player B: “It would be perfect for a battle between giant, four-legged mechs and tiny snow ships armed with tow cables.”

Player A: “It’s so cold I could crawl inside a gutted Tauntaun.”

And so on.

Hoth’s Holonet Entry [Star Wars: The Old Republic]


  • This sort of retconning REALLY bugs me out.

    In Empire Strikes Back, Hoth is a deserted shithole in the middle of nowhere. It has less lifeforms than “to fill a cruiser” and barely on the galactic map, thus the perfect site for the Rebel Base.

    Indeed, when the Empire DOES find it, it seems like they’ve never even heard of it before, and almost dismiss it as a possible site for the Rebel base.

    I love BioWare but were they contractically-obligated to shoehorn in an Ice level into this game? And why did it have to be Hoth? If indeed a huge battle did take place here, wouldn’t the planet at least carry some infamy to the events of the film? (Like Stalingrad, Gettysburg etc).

    Wouldn’t at least one Imperial Officer go “Hey! That’s the planet of the bloody Battle of X! Tt’s been proven to be a perfectly sound staging ground for battle, thus military activities! The rebels might be there!” Hell, even if they’re not on first-name terms with the planet, surely their archives would have a Wikipedia entry on it.

    Even if they somehow erased all history related to the battle, the article says there’s huge piles of scrap, wreckage, etc all over the place. Yet in the movie, the Rebels can pinpoint the exact position of a metallic object like a Probe Droid due to the scarcity of metal in the background.

    TL:DR – Fanwanking.

  • \agrees with everything Strand said

    I’d also like to tack on the “this takes place thousands of years before the Star Wars films” is an aweful plot device. Then again, we shouldn’t expect any better regarding Star Wars ever these days, should we?

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