All-New Call Of Duty: Black Ops Trailer

All-New Call Of Duty: Black Ops Trailer

Activision and Treyarch are done teasing, releasing an extended, gameplay-filled look at their next inevitable blockbuster shooter Call of Duty: Black Ops, one minute and 43 seconds worth of shoot ’em up spectacle.

Now that Treyarch has moved well past World War II and onto Vietnam and war-torn locations far beyond, the developer gets a chance to do something more modern. Explosive crossbow bolts, rocket propelled grenades, that fancy SR-71 Blackbird – all featured in the latest Call of Duty: Black Ops trailer.

It doesn’t appear that Treyarch will be skimping on explosive action or rappelling, going by this trailer. Let’s pick it apart until we see more of the game (hopefully) at E3 and much later, when it hits the Xbox 360, PS3, PC and Wii on November 9.


    • Really? Looks like more of the same to me…Now that Treyarch have moved past WWII what makes this any more than just a Modern Warfare clone? I know that it is still supposed to be set a while back (although it doesn’t look it). It may as well be called Call of Duty: Not so modern warfare. The glory days of CoD are long gone.

  • Can the 360 REALLY produce graphics like this?
    I’m sceptical.
    Saying that, it might be time to think about a PC upgrade. I don’t think my poor ol’ 8800GT 1gb could keep up.

    • Tell me about it.
      Doesn’t seem long ago when the 8800 was the beastly graphics card of the moment, and I was looking around for some games a while back, only to find that it’s now the minimum requirement for games like Just Cause 2. I had an 8600 GT then too (which even struggled with GTA 4 mind you), and I shed a tear. And then upgraded.

      Also, to reiterate what OT said: hot damn, a crossbow. And an explosive crossbow at that.

    • you are deluding yourself if you think that can’t work on a 360. Those are good graphics but not omg i just crapped my pants because it was so realistic that i thought i was looking at a video of a real black ops mission.

      fyi its far easier to develop and have a good quality game running on a uniform console then to try and get the game running good on a huge range of slightly different computers.

    • *sigh*

      ‘MW2 was wankerised’?

      CoD Black Ops doesn’t even look realistic.

      I hate the direction that Treyarch is taking; the whole ‘Da Vinci Code conspiracy’ crap really turns me off.

      • yeah but i dont care if its not trying to be realistic MW always spouted they were realistic it was a bunch of corny movie moments

        as long as they fix the problems that MW2 MP has IMO (reducing nades but increasing the amount of tubes a player can have, having things disappear when you die(if my clays are gonna go buy buy with me give me 2 of them ffs)

  • I think I’ll reserve judgement til the gameplay footage starts coming out. Lots of explosions and craziness, but that didn’t work for MW2’s singleplayer.

    Still not sold on the crossbow. Looks very gimmicky to me..

  • Activision’s really pulling out all the stops to get people excited about Call of Duty going forward and, perhaps just as importantly, to make them forget about the whole ‘Infinity Ward’ shit-storm.

  • I’m with David. Unimpressed. Treyarch have yet to produce anything that has necessitated me fetching my socks from across the room.

  • MW2 COPY! I love world at war more than mw2…but this new one looks like a major copy…same guns..level design..NO GORE IT SEEMS…omg ruined

  • I stopped playing CoD games after the second one. As in CoD 2. Never really been a fan of WW2 games, and the unlock/upgrade system of MW/MW2 didn’t arouse my attention.

  • CROSSBOW 😀 i guess someone has been playing a bit too much bioshock lately 😛 at least you cant spam it

  • was it just me or did that seem weak, even with all the LIEING, EXPLODAN and TARZAN SWINGAN. and what is it with treyarch and goin back to old theatres of war, old stories from old conflicts, shits gettin booooooring. Not all that excited bout any new details

  • That looks good, not the full blown Vietnam epic I was hoping for, but good.

    That said, and yes cruise control is necessary:


    I doubt I’ll be in this one 100% for the multiplayer, like I was with MW2, and I really hope they’re not going to go all out and try to pack in all the features of MW2 and then add some more… because that will be a mess. If this turns out to be a solid campaign, with multiplayer more in line with CoD4, I will be extremely happy with it.

    I’ve said this before, but Treyarch are not a bad developer, they just needed to be cut some slack by Activision to do something other than WWII… I think people will be surprised with this.

  • It is looking good. Regardless what you say, Treyarch is a great studio, they just are burdened with living in IW’s shadow.
    WaW for me was great, the american campaign was ok, but the russian? I have not felt that amount of emotion from a video game’s story for a very very very long time. I am excited for this, and will definately find out for myself how good it really is or can be on launch day.

  • I will say right now that I loved World at War multiplayer, it has beaten and still beat both modern warfare titles, though the single player wasnt as exciting. I just hope this one includes zombies and unscoped rifles.

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