All The Ragnarok Online Cosplay You Can Handle

All The Ragnarok Online Cosplay You Can Handle

Maybe you can handle more. Who knows. Only you, that’s who.

Launching in South Korea in 2002 and in Japan the following year, massively multiplayer online role-playing game Ragnarok Online is based on the Korean manhwa (comic) Ragnarok. In Japan, a Ragnarok event was held for fans over the weekend at Tokyo’s Differ Ariake Arena, complete with cosplaying.

This post originally appeared on Kotaku Japan.


  • I’m more amazed that RO is still alive and well in Japan, what with all the new MMOs that seems to get churned out at least once a month over there alone.

    Ah, the memories. I wonder if my High Wizard account is still alive, though. Would be great to pop back in the official servers occasionally, for nostalgia’s sake.

  • RO’s actually about to get a huge renewal overhaul in the next few months. Seeing as their introducing 3rd classes and the devs kinda figured excessive grind = baaaaad xD

    And the iRO servers where finally merged to one server.. among other things xD

    • Excessive grind = bad? Ridiculous! How can you have an MMORPG where something other than grinding is the core gameplay.

      Joking aside, I did play what I was told was RO in a beta form many years ago. I think I was some form of assassin or thief. I felt it was a little too rigid in levelling though, it felt that if you put 2 points wrong your build would be ruined and would no longer be able to level.

      My first MMO was MU. I have a lot of fond memories of grinding in that game. Walking around town seeing guys in +6 or +7 armour was a sight to behold, wishing I would one day be like that. Figuring out how many hundred more monsters I’d have to kill to level up.
      Then I found a private server with exp set to at least a 1000 times higher than normal. A short while later a chinese friend gave me his account on a chinese server, hello +12 legendary armour and a character reborn a dozen times over.

  • I started playing RO a month ago again, free server on IRO (Valk). Nothing intensive but its great to come back to. The first MMO I ever played.

  • RO was also my 1st mmo i played. Played it for 2years until i finally had to study srsly for skool…I’ve also played alot of mmorpgs in the past year or so (mainly newer ones) but none have been able to keep me going for more than 2months.

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