Alpha Centuri And Railroad Tycoon Sequels Are On Sid’s List

Alpha Centuri And Railroad Tycoon Sequels Are On Sid’s List

During our live chat with Sid Meier earlier this week, fans couldn’t help asking about classic games like Alpha Centauri and Railroad Tycoon, and while he couldn’t reveal any in-development titles, he did add them to Firaxis’ list of games to possibly revisit someday.

You’d think a man like Sid Meier, father of Civilization, Railroad Tycoon, Pirates! and C.P.U. Bach would get tired of the constant sequel requests from fans, but Wednesday’s guest on the Kotaku Talk Radio podcast takes them in stride.

“It’s always great to hear from people and hear the games they’d like us to redo and revisit, bring them up to date, etc. Part of the fun of being at Firaxis is having these games in our past that we can kinda draw upon for inspiration and talk to people about.”

Great, he loves it! Let’s get right down to brass tacks then, shall we? First up, we fielded a call from Zack in California, who wanted to know if we’d ever see a sequel to Alpha Centuri, Meier’s science fiction take on Civilization.

“That is certainly a game that we had a lot of fun making, an interesting evolution of the Civilization approach,” Sid recalls. “We appreciate your enjoyment of the game and we’ll put that on the list of games we ought to do.”

“I’m not here to announce any new product,” he adds, “so I can’t give you any specific information.”

Well drat. Perhaps Kenny from Texas will get a better answer when asking Sid about the potential for a new title in the Railroad Tycoon series, of which he’s always been a fan.

“I’m unfortunately not able to announce any new products today on the air, but we always appreciate hearing what you liked about games we did in the past, and we’ll add that to our request list.”

I have the sneaking suspicion that the list he keeps referring to is bigger than any of us can imagine.


  • My favorite thing about Alpha Centuri was when you could do espionage missions and blame it one someone else. It was good because then you could expand your territory and still be the “good guy”. If they put that ability into Civ 5 I would be just as happy as I would with a Alpha Centuri sequel.

  • I would love to play a sequel to Transport Tycoon, I wasted far too much of my life on the first one 🙂

  • Sid Meier Rocks.

    Specifically in this article, both Alpha Centauri and, my favorite, the sequel in the RR Tycoon series Railroads, bring you into the game like no other. Yes, I would love to see a sequel to Alpha Centauri, love that game…….. but its absolutely mandatory I see one to Sid Meiers Railroads!!

    Railroads, for those of us who got it work alright took the best from the series and added great graphics. But when I say the best parts, I am referring to the perfect blend of detail of track building, routing, depth and gameplay.

    Man, if Sid would keep a similar format, with modern day graphics,AI, a crash free platform, and perhaps some more track/structure building tweaks and options/views, audio, ja know, go all out feature/option wise, but on the same basic game!!!!

    If Sid did this, gamers like me, and model/real railroading enthusiasts, would idolize him.

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