Amazon Names Next Scribblenauts?

We already know that the DS sequel to 2009 hit Scribblenauts will not be called Scribblenauts 2. A now-dead link on Amazon suggests it will be called Super Scribblenauts.

No comment from the game's publisher, Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment. Go Nintendo did dig up a website domain registration for assigned to Warner Bros that makes the Super name seem pretty likely.

The name would be fitting, considering that the Scribblenauts sequel adds adjectives.

But, if this is true, would a third one be called Scribblenauts 64?

Report - Scribblenauts sequel to be called 'Super Scribblenauts' [Go Nintendo]


    Scribble Kart

    shouldn't the sequel to Scribblenauts be Scribblecrosses?

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