America, You Spend A LOT Of Money On Video Games

When it comes to spending money on video games, nobody does it quite like the US of A, with research finding that Americans spent over $25 billion on the things in 2009.

The exact figures is $US25,300,000,000, a tally made all the more frightening considering it doesn't include new hardware or new accessory sales. Factor those in and you're looking at another $US10 billion on top of it.

Also disclosed as part of the report from Dutch firm Newzoo is the fact retail sales only make up 54% of the total spent, with the rest going on things like downloadable content, digital games and MMO subscriptions.

As for the breakdown of those figures, in the US $US15 billion was spent on console games in 2009, $US4 billion on PC games and over $US2 billion on subscriptions to games like World of Warcraft.

Americans spend $US25.3B each year on video games [VentureBeat]


    Now imagine what the number would be if the US was forced to pay $100 per game, like us?

    183 million gamers in the US?

    Does that number sound right to you?
    That's well over half the population.

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