An All Points Bulletin On APB's Release Date And Pricing Structure

Realtime Worlds' massively multiplayer sandbox game APB finally has an official release date: June 29 in North America and July 1 in Europe. How much will players have to pay to play?

Realtime Worlds is introducing an "evolutionary" pricing plan for APB, giving players some room to move in terms of subscription fees. The game itself retails for $US49.99, and comes with 50 hours of game play, along with unlimited time in the game's social districts. Once your 50 hours runs out, you have two options: either purchase an additional 20 hours for $US6.99, or go for the 30-day unlimited package for $US9.99, with discounts for three and six month subscriptions.

The pricing plan also allows for players to trade their customisations and rewards to other players, or place them on the Marketplace, where they will earn Realtime World (RTW) points, which can then be converted into game time or in-game money.

The game is now available for preorder through the official website, with early purchasers scoring early access, 10 hours of bonus game time, exclusive clothing and emotes, and a special customised vehicle.

That's one interesting payment plan. I wonder how many people will choose the $US6.99 option for 20 hours versus the $US9.99 for a whole month. Seems silly to hold back $US3 on the off-chance that you might not eat up a little under a day's worth of game time in a month. It should be quite interesting to see how players react.


    SO when do we get it? And assuming we aren't getting local servers, where are we going? US or Eur servers?

    This game is NOT ready to be released,I uninstalled it.

    Joe Mama. what dont you like about it? and how laggy was it?

    I thought it was refused classification in Aus. Still I'm pumped to play it.

    I would have an opinion on the game if the beta wasn't only playable 2am-4am on a wednesday morning or some ungodly hour like that.

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