An Enormous Bust

The world has seen enormous life-sized Gundam statues. You know what it is missing?

An enormous 1/1 scale Evangelion bust. Evas are the huge bio mechanical beings piloted in the hugely successful franchise Neon Genesis Evangelion. On July 23, Fuji-Q HighLand amusement park in Japan will open a new attraction: "Evangelion: World - Life-Size EVA-01 Construction Project".

According to website ANN, this exhibit will recreate the scene in which Evangelion character Shinji Ikari meets Eva-01 unit for the first time. Eva-01 will be life-sized, but only built from the bust up.

In 2007, the Fuji-Q HighLand, which is located at the foot of Mt. Fuji, opened a pavilion featuring a life-sized Gundam.

Eva-01 [Official Site via ANN]


    ...I just had the biggest nerdgasm imaginable... That is the sexiest thing i have seen for... ok correction... My lovely partner is watching me type this so it's the SECOND sexiest thing ever... =ahem=

      fyl LOL


    Continuous news about Japan and it's love for NGE is making me weep. I know you're just doing this to tease me now Brian.

    Want to buy Kotaku AU comp for a trip to Japan!

    *Leaves to cry in a small corner*

    Looks so cool, why can't Australia have anything like this? All we get is giant foods, I mean, who the hell would want to pilot a giant pineapple?!

      Is it a walking battle pineapple?
      With Passionfruit Fists of Fury, Banana Bombs and Mango Missiles, the amazing Troppo Rocket that fires our bromeliad bruiser through the troposphere, and the deadly, one-use-only ultimate cluster bomb attack, codenamed "Fig You"?

      I would, so long as Sparks does the theme song.

      Or koala for that matter...wait that would be awesome! "Koala eva's launch!"

      Agreed, also, even though I do love this article, the title got me a little hopeful for something else. Ah well, one day... one day


    Neon Genesis was the best show ever, until about 5 episodes away from the end, it just got all arfenhouse on us, anyone remember that angel in the second last episode that comes in the form of a guy with grey hair that shinji practically gets it on with, then 10 mins of the episode is a static shot of shinji doing nothing.

    And what the hell was up with those movies?

      Yeah i think they ran out of money and just re-edited old footage for the last few episodes.. which is why nothing happens.

    Your link to 'life-sized gundam' points back to this page, please fix (:

    so glad im going to japan in march

    Now we have a life-sized RX-78-2 Gundam and a life-sized bust of Eva Unit 1, hmm wonder what else they'll make

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