Another Aerialbot Joins The War For Cybertron Cast

Another Aerialbot Joins The War For Cybertron Cast

Activision reveals two new playable characters for Transformers: War for Cybertron, with weasely Combaticon Brawl joined by Aerialbot leader Silverbolt, the second playable Aerialbot in the game. That’s two of five pieces of Superion!

Activision hasn’t said anything about Autobot or Decepticon combiners being included in War for Cybertron, but now that two Aerialbots, one Stunticon, and a Combaticon have made the cut, one has to wonder if they’ve got something up their sleeve for June’s new Transformers game.

Aerialbot Air Raid and Stunticon Break Down were revealed as playable characters last month.

I can’t see any viable way of playing as five robots merged into one, but fighting against them definitely has possibilities. It would certainly make for a lovely surprise, wouldn’t it?


  • This week has given me so many nerdgasms that it’s forcing me to buy new jeans this weekend.

    I really love the look of silverbolt!

    Hopefully it plays as well as it looks though…

    …thank GOD they look more like the old transformers i love rather than the newer movie adaptations… Give me chunky, poorly scaled transformers any day of the week and i’ll be happy.

  • Love how their Cybertronian forms are dead-ringers for existing Earth vehicles. Hell, it even has a cockpit area perfect for a human pilot.

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