Another Countdown Clock Sorta Ruined! But Hey, Virtual-On!

Earlier, a SEGA countdown clock appeared. Ungh, we know. Countdown clocks are annoying! We hate them. Thank goodness this week's leaked Famitsu is here to steal its thunder. Ka-pow!

Virtual-On Force is the upcoming Xbox 360 action game from SEGA. It will be released not as a downloadable title like Virtual-On Oratorio Tangram, but a full blown retail title.

The game, of course, will feature online play via Xbox LIVE and 2-on-2 "Leadership Org Battles". For online, the screen can even be split for four players. There is a co-op play for giant boss battles, and there's a single player mission mode, too.

No word on the inevitable Virtual-On controller peripheral.

Currently, the countdown clock is still continuing on SEGA's site. Five more days left! Oh, the suspense. Humorously, the SEGA countdown site actually seem to acknowledge this leak. The site currently says it is anxious as the "correct answer" can be found written online - apparently an oblique reference to the Famitsu reveal hitting the internet!


    The 360 has 2 trigger buttons on each side and 2 joysticks, surely an arcade control scheme can be put into place. I'd prefer something a bit closer to the Saturn control scheme myself. I hope we have a choice or can map our own.

    I remember playing this game for hours on my Saturn. I favoured the fast and light robots while my friend took the slow and heavy, almost always came down to the wire.

    Saturn used the D Pad to move, the shoulder buttons to turn; A, Y and C where the 3 attacks; X and Z where Boost and B was Jump.

    I may be a little mixed up there but I'm pretty sure that's how the button placement was.

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